Congratulations May 2018 Grads!

Please join us in congratulating our most recent graduating class, who crossed the stage on May 30, 2018!

A special congratulations also goes out to all of our award winners, who have made outstanding academic and/or leadership achievements during the course of their program. See below for this year’s winners.

Major Awards

Letson Prizes

Awarded to the Head of the graduating class for each Option.

Awarded to:

  • Benjamin Thorne (General Option)
  • Christopher Bhatla (Biomedical Option)
  • Zhaoshuo Li (Mechatronics Option)
  • Erin Geiger (Thermofluids Option)

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Gold Medal

For overall outstanding achievement.

Awarded to: David Luo

APEG Achievement Award

Given to one graduating student in each Department who shows great promise.

Awarded to: Benjamin Thorne

Capstone Design Awards

Recognizes outstanding accomplishments in Engineering Design.

Best MECH Capstone Team for Excellence in Design Execution

Awarded to: Team #9 (sponsored by Ian Frigaard’s lab) for the design of a large laboratory apparatus to study eccentric annular flow in pipes.

“Team 9 greatly exceeded the expected scope of a capstone project and completed the design of a system that will be used for, possibly, decades to come in Prof. Frigaard’s lab.” – Dr. Mike Van der Loos

Team members:

  • Bryan Cadman
  • Jared Formosa
  • Charles Karassowitsch
  • Terrace Schulz
  • Mark Speed

Best MECH Capstone Team for Excellence in Design Process Application

Awarded to: Team #20, for their design of an automated livestock feed measurement system for PICSL.

“The team very faithfully and meticulously followed the design process we have been developing and iterating over the past years, and through this rich exploration of the design space, developed, fabricated and tested a prototype that is maximally and provably responsive to the needs of the users (the cattle as well as the farmers).” – Dr. Mike Van der Loos

Team members:

  • Menghan Ma
  • Jessie Massong
  • Jasmine Nikkari
  • Khashina Tonks-Turcotte
  • Stephen Wright

Highest Overall Grade in Capstone Design

Awarded to: Khashina Tonks-Turcotte

Leadership Awards

Outstanding Student Leader Award

Recognizes the top undergraduate student who has demonstrated strong leadership skills and made outstanding contributions to the Department and Faculty, specifically in the realms of student affairs, design competition teams, professional association student chapters, and other related activities.

Awarded to: Diana Nino

“This year, Diana served as the President of Club Mech. She has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in organizing events for students and making sure the MECH student body was well represented. Throughout her degree, she has continually given her time and effort to contribute to the betterment of our Department, the University, and the student engineering community as a whole.” – Dr. Sheldon Green

Leadership Awards

Recognizes students who have continually excelled in being effective leaders among their peers and in their communities.

  • Yu-Ting Cheng
  • James Cronkite
  • Claire Gregoire
  • Georgia Grzybowski
  • Blake Henderson
  • Simon Honigmann
  • Amara Kraft
  • Madeleine Melcer
  • Arthi Muniyappan
  • Pranav Shrestha
  • Taylor Simpson
  • Adrian Spira
  • Tynan Stack
  • Oliver Terry
  • Khashina Tonks-Turcotte
  • Angus Wong

Academic Achievement Awards

Degree with Distinction (Undergraduate)

Recognizes undergraduate students who achieved an overall first-class average in second- through fourth-year courses. 

  • Atif Ali
  • Michael Andersen
  • Connor Arnett
  • Sydney Begin
  • Christopher Bhatla
  • Bryan Cadman
  • Riley Cahill
  • Seamus Clark
  • Zachary Cunningham
  • Charles Dick
  • Keenan Findlay
  • Yasaman Foolad
  • Jared Formosa
  • Erin Geiger
  • Georgia Grzybowski
  • Blake Henderson
  • Christopher Hii
  • Simon Honigmann
  • Kevin Hunt
  • Charles Karassowitsch
  • Alexander Kay
  • Tristan Kimberley
  • Nathaneil Kingston
  • Myung Lee
  • Zhaoshuo Li
  • Jiaqi Lu
  • Zhao Wei Lu
  • David Luo
  • Kenneth Martens
  • Jessie Massong
  • Madeleine Melcer
  • Jasmine Nikkari
  • Cole Paterson
  • Preshon Pillay
  • Sarah Romani
  • Terrace Schulz
  • Rachit Sharma
  • Amandeep Singh
  • Michael Sleeman
  • Brianna Snell
  • Sahand Sohirad
  • Mark Speed
  • Adrian Spira
  • Yuping Tao
  • Oliver Terry
  • Benjamin Thorne
  • Khashina Tonks-Turcotte
  • Lok Tsu
  • Gavin Vale
  • Zhuo Wang
  • Angus Wong
  • Enoch Wong
  • Karen Woodward
  • Stephen Wright
  • Logan Wriglesworth
  • Minghua Wu
  • Jack Yang
  • Sun Jun Yoo

Graduate Academic Achievement

Recognizes graduate students who have achieved an overall average throughout their program of above 90%.

  • Masoud Hejazi
  • Abbas Hosseini
  • Matthew Pan
  • Pranav Shrestha
  • Yingqiang Weng
  • Kai Kin Yan
  • Behzad Zakani