Feb 4 – BME 598/698 Seminar, Presenter: Seth Gilchrist, Ph.D. Candidate, M.A.Sc

BME 598/698 Seminar Friday February 4th 8-9am Blusson Spinal Cord Centre Lecture Hall Presented by: Seth Gilchrist, Ph.D. Candidate, M.A.Sc Advisers: Dr. Peter Cripton and Dr. Pierre Guy Title: Why Hips Fail: Searching for a Mechanical Explanation for Proximal Femur Fracture Abstract Hip fracture is a debilitating injury associated with high morbidity and mortality. As […]

Jan 14 – BME 598/698 Seminar, Speaker: Carolyn Van Toen

BME 598/698 Seminar Friday January 14th 8-9am Blusson Spinal Cord Centre Lecture Hall Speaker: Carolyn Van Toen Supervisors: Peter Cripton, Tom Oxland Title: Lateral Bending in Head-First Impacts: Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Spine Injuries Abstract Axial compression is a common injury mechanism for the cervical spine resulting from head-first impacts. Neck injury criteria used to […]

Jan 7 – BME 598/698 Seminar, Presenter: Yuntao (Anthony) An

BME 598/698 Seminar Friday January 7th 8-9am Blusson Spinal Cord Centre Lecture Hall Presenter: Yuntao (Anthony) An Supervisor: Dr. Gary S.Schajer Title: Coarse Resolution CT scanning for Sawmill Logs Sorting and Grading Abstract The successful running of a sawmill critically depends on its ability to recover the highest possible value from the log raw material. […]

Dec 3 – BME Seminar, Speakers: Jake McIvor & Mahkameh Lakzadeh

BME Seminar Friday December 3, 8-9am Blusson Pavilion Lecture Theatre 1st Speaker: Jake McIvor Supervisor: Antony Hodgson Title: Advanced Tools for Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery:Towards Braced Surgical Instrumentation – Minimizing Penetration During Cortical Bone Drilling Abstract: The successful outcome of many orthopedic procedures relies on the accurate and timely machining of bone. Improper positioning can negatively […]

Nov 19 – MECH 598/698 Seminar, Presenter: Claire Jones

MECH 598/698 Seminar Friday November 19th, 2010 8-9am, Blusson Spinal Cord Centre Presenter: Claire Jones Supervisor: Peter Cripton Title: Cerebrospinal fluid pressure distribution and spinal cord morphological changes after acute spinal cord injury and subsequent surgical decompression in a large animal model: implications for the clinical and surgical management of traumatic SCI. Abstract: My thesis […]