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Everyone has different educational goals, so UBC Mechanical Engineering offers three distinct degrees, five research groups, and two affiliated programs to suit your needs.



The M.Eng. Program is a non-thesis, course-based professional program designed for students who would like to further their studies without pursuing research. Students in the program complete twenty-four credits of coursework and a six credit project. The Master of Engineering Program normally takes 12 – 18 months.

Students may obtain their M.Eng. in the following specializations:

There is also the Engineering Management Sub-Specialization that is available to all Graduate Students in APSC.

Students taking their M.Eng. may also opt to apply for the Engineering Co-op Program.


The thesis-based M.A.Sc. is a traditional research-based degree. The program normally takes two years of full time study, includes a total of thirty credits, research under the supervision of a faculty member and a thesis. The Master of Applied Science is the recommended course of study for students who may be interested in eventually pursuing a Ph.D.

Research Areas:

The thesis-based Ph.D. is an advanced research-based degree. The program normally takes four to five years of full-time study and includes a total of thirty-three credits, original research under the supervision of a faculty member, and a thesis. It is normal department practice to initially register students into the M.A.Sc. Program, and to transfer them to the Ph.D. program upon completion of the M.A.Sc. (or earlier if recommended by the supervising faculty member).

Research Areas:


Other than the Mechanical Engineering specification, we also offer the Biomedical Engineering Program (BMEG), the Mechatronics M.Eng. programs, and the Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME) Program. There is also the Engineering Management Program sub-specialization offered for all Applied Science grad programs.

Biomedical Engineering Program (BMEG)

In addition to being able to select the Biomedial research group within Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Students also have the option to take a degree in Biomedical Engineering. The BMEG program offers M.Eng., M.A.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees.

Mechatronics M.Eng.

Students who qualify for graduate studies can continue from the option into an M.Eng. (subject to the availability of a suitable project, a departmental supervisor, and the approval of Graduate Studies).

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME)

Students in NAME will take a specialized set of courses that draw material from Mechanical, Civil, and Materials Engineering, and that focus specifically on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of waterborne vehicles. The NAME program offers M.Eng. degrees.

The Engineering Management Program

The Engineering Management Program is a sub-specialization available to all graduate engineering students within the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC. It allows students to get a more balanced education in both technical and managerial subjects. Students get their technical education through their graduate engineering program and their management education through the Engineering Management Sub-specialization. Please see here for more information.

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