Chairs & Professorships

Chairs and Professorships

Canadian Research Chairs

Dr. Clarence de Silva Tier 1 CRC in Mechatronics and Industrial Automation
Dr. Ryozo Nagamune Tier 2 CRC in Control Engineering
Dr. A. Srikantha Phani Tier 2 CRC in Dynamics of Lattice Material and Devices
Dr. Boris Stoeber Tier 2 CRC in Microfluidics and Sensing Technology

Industry Funded Chairs and Professorships

Dr. Yusuf Altintas NSERC/Pratt & Whitney Canada Industrial Research Chair in Virtual High Performance Machining
Dr. Steve Feng NSERC/Pratt & Whitney Associate Chair in Virtual High-performance Machining
Dr. Antony Hodgson NSERC Chair in Design Engineering
Dr. Machiel Van der Loos Patrick Campbell Chair in Engineering Design
Dr. Hongshen Ma Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator
Dr. Walter Merida Methanex Professorship in Clean Energy Systems
Dr. James Olson FP Innovations Professorship in Pulp and Paper Engineering

Mech Research Group Chairs

Steven Rogak (604) 822-4149
Peter Cripton (604) 822-6629
Mechatronics and Manufacturing
Clarence de Silva (604) 822-6291 Industrial Automation Laboratory
Design and Applied Mechanics
Srikantha Phani (604) 822-6998 Dynamics and Applied Mechanics Laboratory