January 12, 2018 – Adjoint Solver Technology

Please note the following fluids seminar this Friday, January 12, 1-2pm in CEME 2202

Adjoint Solver Technology
by Chris Hill, ANSYS Inc.

The ANSYS Fluent adjoint CFD solver was released several years ago and has seen steady growth in usage by industrial customers since then. An overview of the adjoint method in CFD and how it is applied in industry will be given. The foundations of adjoint solver technology will be described together with the specific approach taken in ANSYS Fluent. The challenges of achieving convergence of an adjoint CFD problem will be discussed along with the challenges of making adjoint technology usable. Mesh morphing is a key component in the design process involving adjoint solutions and the rationale for the morphing method used will be described. Applications in multi-objective design, rotating machinery, thermal problems and constrained design problems will be presented. The application of adjoint methods for robust design and robust optimization will also be presented.

Dr. Chris Hill started with Fluent in 1999 and currently holds the position of Chief Technologist for Fluids at ANSYS. His Bachelor’s degree is in Natural Philosophy and Mathematics, and he holds a Ph.D.in Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he studied under Prof. J.E. Ffowcs Williams. Dr. Hill worked at NASA Ames Research Center in California as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and was a Senior Fellow at the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford. He has a longtime interest in adjoint methods and is the original author of the ANSYS Fluent discrete adjoint solver.