Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship Award – Deadline: February 28, 2018

The Department of Mechanical Engineering wishes to promote undergraduate teaching excellence by annually awarding the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship to Senior PhD students who have demonstrated dedication to, and talent for, teaching. The Fellowship will provide a stipend of $10,000 and mentorship support to teach an undergraduate course within the department the following academic year. Applications are due 8:00am Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 to


The competition for the Fellowship is open to PhD students registered in Mechanical Engineering in their 3rd year and above.


Applications should consist of:

  • CV
  • Statement of teaching approach and interests (<600 words)
  • 3 minute video uploaded to a private YouTube channel that you create for the application
  • An email from your supervisor indicating their support of your application and awareness of the time commitment required (approximately 60% full time employment for the term that the course is taught)


Should you have any questions, please contact