Robotics – Evolution, Myths, Realities, and Current Trends – Jan 15, 2021 – Dr. Clarence de Silva

WEBINAR: Robotics – Evolution, Myths, Realities, and Current Trends

Speaker: Dr. Clarence de Silva, University of British Columbia

This is a talk organized by the Sri Lanka Section of Cambridge Circle.

When: Friday, 15 January 2021 | 8:00 PM PST
Where:  |  Meeting ID: 624 0141 7064  |  Passcode: 158911  | Participants can join any time.

Synopsis of the Lecture

Robotics has found numerous practical applications today, in households, medicine, industry, and general society. The lecture will touch on the myths of misnomers associated with early developments of this futuristic technology and will outline the key developments in Robotics with important practical applications as developed by groups worldwide including the Industrial Automation Laboratory at the University of British Columbia, headed by the speaker. We look forward to being inspired and engaging in a stimulating discussion, particularly on how robotics can impact Sri Lanka under new norm conditions.

About the presenter

Professor Clarence W. de Silva entered the University of Ceylon (now University of Peradeniya) from Ananda College after winning the Dr. Erwin de Silva Gold Medal. He graduated with a First Class Honours degree with the Dr. C. H. Hewavitarana Prize in Engineering. He has a MA Sc degree from the University of Toronto, phD degrees from MIT and the University of Cambridge, and recently, the DSc degree from the University of Cambridge. He is a fellow of IEEE, ASME, Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society of Canada. He has held distinguished positions related to industrial automation and is established as a leading world authority in this field. He has authored 25 books and about 570 technical papers. While supporting and engaging in numerous social development projects in rural areas of his motherland, he has also provided scholarships and helped to develop courses in Mechatronics in Sri Lanka at university level. Professor Clarence wishes to dedicate this talk to his late wife, Clarice de Silva.