MEL CEEN Seminar: The World of Hydrogen Technology – September 16, 2021 – Ben Nyland, Loop Energy

MEL CEEN Seminar: The World of Hydrogen Technology

Speaker: Ben Nyland, President and CEO of Loop Energy

When: Thursday, September 16, 2021  |  9:00 AM (PST)

This seminar is part of the MEL & MHLP Clean Energy Engineering (CEEN) Seminar Series

The world is moving quickly toward an electrified, zero-emissions, and carbon-neutral future. Although technology for passenger cars has come a long way, transportation and other market segments have been deemed “too difficult” to electrify until recent years. Thanks to hydrogen and fuel cell development, there is now a significant market opportunity to electrify many commercial applications. By combining batteries with hydrogen fuel cells, companies like Loop Energy are creating solutions that can make a huge positive impact in our path towards a zero-emissions future. We invite you to join Ben Nyland, President & CEO of Loop Energy, in a discussion on the world of hydrogen technology, the various market applications, and an exploration of their proprietary technology. Loop Energy is a hydrogen fuel cell developer and manufacturer that is experiencing rapid growth as it continues to expand worldwide, with headquarters in Burnaby, BC.

About the Presenter:

Ben Nyland is the President & CEO of Loop Energy, a leading hydrogen fuel cell developer and manufacturer headquartered in Vancouver Canada. Ben was appointed as President of Loop Energy in 2015 and Chief Executive Officer in 2016, following three years as the company’s Vice President of Operations. Under Ben’s leadership, he transformed the company’s strategic planning, market expansion, and development of key partner relationships. Loop Energy has experienced significant growth in recent years as it continues to rapidly commercialize its hydrogen fuel cell solutions, targeted for use across many commercial market applications.

Prior to joining Loop Energy, Ben Nyland spent over a decade in other senior management positions, including as President of Rampworth Capital Service, JBN Developments, Exro Technologies Inc. and Maclean Group Marketing.