Call for Nominations: John Tiedje Fellowships in Clean Energy & Greenhouse Gas Mitigation – Deadline: May 15, 2022

The Clean Energy Research Centre is accepting nominations for the John Tiedje Fellowships in Clean Energy & Greenhouse Gas Mitigation.

  • Deadline: May 15, 2022
  • Award Amount: $20,000

About the Award

John Tiedje was a graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UBC who went on to a successful career with Imperial Oil, where he was responsible for developing several new processes for converting petroleum into value-added products. He served as manager of Esso Frances research lab in Mont-Saint-Aignan, France; as manager of the Esso Petroleum Canada Research Department in Sarnia, Ontario, until his retirement in 1983; and as chair of the Canadian Committee for the World Petroleum Congress.

Fellowships are awarded to students whose research will help create and maintain a healthy environment, with preference for research developing clean and renewable energy, advancing the electrification of the economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or improving the efficiency of energy utilization.

Nomination Details

Degree Level

MASc/PhD students (including incoming students) in APSC


Canadian citizen or permanent resident


Research ability and potential
Experience and achievements relevant to clean energy and greenhouse mitigation, obtained within and beyond
academia Demonstrate leadership quality in general area clean energy and greenhouse mitigation

Nomination Package:

  1. Nomination letter
  2. CV of the student
  3. Transcripts of most recent two years of full-time study
  4. Two support letters

Please include all the required documents for nomination in one single pdf and email it to by May 15, 2022.