Call for Applications: Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship for PhD students – Deadline: Sept 15, 2022


The Department of Mechanical Engineering wishes to promote undergraduate teaching excellence by annually awarding the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship to Senior PhD students who have demonstrated dedication to, and talent for, teaching. The Fellowship will provide a financial award of $3,000 and an opportunity to be part of the teaching team for APSC 366 in following academic term, 2022 Winter Term 2 (January – April 2023).

The competition for the Fellowship is opened to PhD students registered in Mechanical Engineering who have achieved candidacy and are in their third year and above, and Post-Doctoral Fellows. The successful candidate must be continuing at UBC for the entire teaching term as either a Ph.D. student or Post-Doctoral Fellow. The prize is contingent on an outstanding candidate, and may not be awarded every year.

Note that APSC 366 will be scheduled during the day in Term 2. Applicants should communicate with their respective supervisors whether arrangement can be made possible before applying for the fellowship.

Applications are due 8:00 AM Thursday, September 15, 2022 to

Applications should consist of:

  • CV
  • Statement of teaching approach and interests (<600 words)
  • Three minute video uploaded to a private YouTube channel that you create for the application:
    • Applicants are encouraged to present a three-minute video on a black/white board, where they could demonstrate their teaching ability, through theories explanation and/or problem solving. It will be a video on a sample lecture of a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate course of your choice.
    • Please keep in mind that there are many possible approaches to a video application, and all of them are acceptable. Your video should demonstrate your dedication to, and talent for, teaching. The video application is left intentionally broad so that applicants can showcase their strengths, without creating unnecessary limitations on creativity.

Please email should you have any questions.