Nimal Rajapakse

N. Rajapakse, P.Eng.,FCAE
Adjunct Professor

B.Sc. Hons. (University of Sri Lanka), M.Eng. (AIT), D.Eng. (AIT)

Research Interests

  • Adaptive (smart) Materials and Structures
  • Nanomechanics and multi-scale modelling
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Geomechanics

Current Research Work

  • Mechanics of nano-scale inhomogeneities and nano-composites
  • Electric fatigue of piezoelectric stack actuators
  • Constitutive modelling and fracture mechanics of ferroelectric materials
  • Superelasticity and fatigue of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)
  • Non-linear response of transmission and communication towers

Selected Publications

  • L. Tian and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse, Analytical solution for size-dependent elastic field of a nano-scale circular inhomogeneity, Journal of Applied Mechanics, ASME (in press).
  • B. Azadi, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse and D. Maijer, (2006), One-dimensional thermomechanical model for dynamic pseudoelastic response of shape memory alloys, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 15, pp. 996-1008
  • W. Tian and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2005), Fracture analysis of magnetoelectroelastic solids by using path independent integrals, International Journal of Fracture, Vol. 131, pp. 311-335.
  • R.K.N.D. Rajapakse, C. Yue and T. Senjuntichai (2005), Electroelastic field of a piezoelectric annular finite cylinder, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 42, pp. 3487-3508.
  • X-L. Xu and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2004), Angular distribution of energy release rates and fracture of piezoelectric materials, Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 13, pp. 519-527.
  • X. Zeng and R.K.N.D. Rajapakse (2004), Effects of Remanent Field on an Elliptical Flaw and a Crack in a Poled Piezoelectric Ceramic, Computational Material Science, Vol. 30, pp. 433-440.
  • N. Ungkurupanian, S. Chandrakeerthy, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse and S.B. Yue (2003), Joint slip in steel electric transmission towers, Engineering Structures, Vol. 25, pp. 779-788.