Stanley Hutton

Professor Emeritus

B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.SC (Calgary), Ph.D. (British Columbia), P. Eng.,
Member ASME, Member SNAME
ph: (604) 822-3904
fx: (604) 822-2403
website: none

Research Interests

  • Analysis and Measurement of Machinery Vibrations
  • Lateral and Torsional Vibrational Instabilities of Rotating Equipment
  • Vibration Characteristics of Isolator Mounts
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Dynamics of Wood Cutting Machinery

Current Research Work

  • Analysis is being conducted on the stability characteristics of constrained flexible discs rotating at supercritical speeds. Such systems are encountered in systems as varied as aircraft engines, floppy disc drives and guided circular saws. One important application of this work is the development of wood cutting circular saws that can operate at higher speeds than is now possible. It is found that above a certain critical speed a guided rotating disc suffers from divergence and flutter induced instabilities. The aim of the present work is to understand the mechanisms involved in the development of these instabilities and to investigate ways of preventing their occurrence.
  • A particular instability known as “washboarding” has long been a problem with the industry and with the increased use of thinner saws is becoming more prevalent. This problem, which involves complex interactions between the dynamics of the saw and the cutting forces, is currently being studied. A related problem in metal cutting is known as “chatter”. Extensive world class experimental facilities are available in the Wood Machining Laboratory for conducting this work.

Selected Publications

  • Tian, J., and Hutton, S.G., “Self Excited Vibration in Flexible Rotating Discs Subjected to Transverse Interaction Forces – A General Approach.”, ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 66, pp 800-805, 1999.
  • Tian, J., and Hutton, S.G., “Chatter Instability in Milling Systems with Flexible Rotating Spindles – A New Theoretical Approach.”, ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering, Vol. 123(1), pp 1-9, February 2001.
  • Tian, J., and Hutton, S.G., “Travelling Wave Modal Identification Based Upon Forced or Self- Excited Resonance for Rotating Discs.”, Journal of Vibration and Control, Vol. 7(1), pp 3-18, January 2001.
  • Tian, J., and Hutton, S.G., “Cutting Induced Vibration in Circular Saws”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 242(5), pp 907-922, May 2001.