Adam Clare

Adam Thomas Clare

Adam Thomas Clare


MEng, PhD, FHEA, FIET; Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair

phone: (604) 822-2028
office: CEME 2203C

Research Interests

  • Manufacturing technologies and approaches for a sustainable future
  • Additive manufacturing (materials, processes, design and application)
  • Electrical discharge machining, electrolyte jet machining, electron beam and laser processes
  • Stochastics in engineering design and manufacture
  • Machine design and build
  • Manufacturing for high value and high integrity applications (aerospace, biomedical, tool and nuclear)

Current Research Questions

  • How can digital twins of additive manufacturing components be gathered and used to qualify components?
  • Can stochastic design tools be used to create superior engineering components by additive manufacturing?
  • What is the best method to produce conformal, high integrity functionally graded components?
  • How can human cognitive design limits be overcome to exploit fully the freedoms of additive manufacturing?
  • How can advanced manufacturing technologies be used secure a sustainable energy future?
  • What is the smallest volume of material that can be removed in a subtractive process under ambient conditions?
  • How can crystallographic ‘characteristics’ be evaluated on the factory floor?

Publications (reviews, useful for general reading)

Publications (research papers)

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