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Faculty & Staff Directory

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CEME 2054
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Name & Contact Info Research Area Research Interests
Juan Abelló Abelló, Juan
Associate Professor of Teaching
(604) 822-2937
KAIS 1132
Engineering Education


Rotorcraft aerodynamics, rotorcraft aeroacoustics, blade-vortex interaction (BVI) noise reduction.
Yusuf Atlintas Altintas, Yusuf
(604) 822-5622
KAIS 3102
Manufacturing Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation Chatter stability of machining operations, virtual machining process modeling, simulation and optimization, trajectory generation and motion control of high speed machine tools, dynamics of high speed spindles, precision machining, and sensors and actuators for machine tool testing and monitoring.
Nima Atabaki, Nima
Associate Professor of Teaching
(604) 827-4065
Energy & EnvironmentEngineering Education

Heat and Mass Transfer

Loop heat pipes, two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer, effective thermal conductivity of fluid saturated sintered powder metal plates, and HVAC systems.
Mattia Bacca, Mattia
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-5076
Applied Solid MechanicsBiomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Computational Engineering

Mechanics of Materials

Continuum mechanics applied to synthetic and biological soft materials. Mathematical and computational modeling of the constitutive behavior of materials and experimental characterization of material properties. Fracture mechanics, adhesion, active deformation of cytoskeletal gels, damage mechanics, puncture mechanics, cutting.
Kendal Bushe Bushe, Kendal
Associate Professor
(604) 822-3398
CEME 2069
Computational Engineering, Energy & Environment, Fluid Mechanics

Turbulent Combustion

Numerical simulation of turbulent combustion in internal combustion engines and gas turbines, model development for turbulence/chemistry interactions, chemical kinetic mechanism development, and renewable fuels for heavy-duty transportation and stationary power applications.
Mu Chiao Chiao, Mu
(604) 822-4902
CEME 2067
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics & Instrumentation

Bio-MEMS, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

Micro-energy sources, protein-MEMS interaction, MEMS-based photonic devices, design, fabrication and packing of MEMS for biological applications.
Agnes d'Entremont d’Entremont, Agnes
Associate Professor of Teaching
(604) 827-1960
KAIS 1130
Biomechanics & Biomedical EngineeringEngineering Education Ongoing research into hip and knee biomechanics, including advanced MRI imaging of joint kinematics, loading and cartilage properties, including weight bearing MRI; 3D joint shape and range of motion analysis; and the application of shape, range of motion, and cartilage health measures to childhood joint disorders.
de Silva headshot de Silva, Clarence
(604) 822-6291
CEME 2071
Manufacturing Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation Instrumentation (sensing, actuation, communication, etc.) and intelligent control of industrial processes, intelligent cooperative robotics for safety/security-critical urban environments, design, assessment, and operation of mechatronic systems using Mechatronic Design Quotient (MDQ) and soft computing (fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms), and machine health monitoring and supervisory control using intelligent multi-sensor fusion.
Gwynn Elfring Elfring, Gwynn
Associate Professor
(604) 822-1287
Computational Engineering, Fluid Mechanics

Mathematical Modeling

Ongoing research into the mechanics of soft matter, including cell biomechanics, mechanics of active suspensions, interfacial rheology and instabilities, and non-Newtonian flow physics.
Adrianna Eyking Eyking, Adrianna
Phone: 604-827-3061
CEME 2053A
Technical communication, rhetoric of science, genre studies, affect theory
Hsi-Yung (Steve) Feng Feng, Hsi-Yung (Steve)
Professor and Dept. Head
(604) 822-1366
CEME 2054
Manufacturing Automation & Robotics


Direct CAD modeling, fast CNC machining simulation and process verification, multi-axis sculptured surface machining, computational tools for 3D printing, and 3D scanned point cloud data processing.
Markus Fengler Fengler, Markus
(604) 827-5655
CEME 2203D
Engineering design, machine shop practice, design for disability, and sustainable development.
Ian Frigaard Frigaard, Ian
(604) 822-1316
Computational Engineering, Fluid Mechanics Rheology and flow of viscoplastic fluids, computation and mathematical modelling, bubble motion, particle settling, suspensions, leaking oil and gas wells, well integrity, cementing, abandonments and remediation, emissions from tailings ponds.
Amanda Giang Giang, Amanda
Assistant Professor
AERL 434
Computational Engineering, Energy & Environment

Environmental Modelling, Air Pollution, Sustainability 

Modelling the transport of global toxic pollutants, developing computationally efficient air quality modelling and risk assessment tools, developing data analysis methods for effectiveness of environmental policy, given uncertainty.
Dana Grecov Grecov, Dana
Professor  and Associate Head, Research and Graduate Studies
(604) 822-6710
CEME 2060
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics Experimental and mathematical modeling of industrial processes, mathematical modeling and simulation of liquid crystalline materials, rheology of complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, biofluid mechanics.
Sheldon Green Green, Sheldon
(604) 822-0497
CEME 2057
Fluid Mechanics Application of experimental, numerical, and analytical methods to solve industrial fluid mechanics problems. Recent research has considered: liquid impaction on a moving surface, electrospraying of particles for surface coating, paper creping, paper pressing, and energy recovery ventilators.
Graham Hendra Hendra, Graham R. 
Lecturer, Mech 2 Coordinator
(604) 827-2412
CEME 2053A
Antony Hodgson Hodgson, Antony
Professor and Associate Head, Teaching
(604) 822-3240
EDC 234
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering

Surgical Technologies

Computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery, surgical navigation, medical image acquisition and processing, ultrasound, machine learning, medical robotics, biomechanics, ergonomics, surgical simulation and training.
Rajeev Jaiman Jaiman, Rajeev Kumar
Associate Professor
(604) 827 0609
CEME 2208F
Computational Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Aerodynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

Variational Methods and Analysis; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Computational Fluid Mechanics; Bluff-body Flows and Vortex-Induced Vibrations; Multiphase Flows; Data-Driven Computing and Model Reduction; Flow Control and Aeroelasticity.
Jasmin Jelovica Jelovica, Jasmin
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-5071
CEME 2208E
Applied Solid Mechanics, Computational Engineering, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Beams, plates and shells; Finite element analysis; Machine learning and optimization; Efficient structural forms.
Jin, Xiaoliang
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-3541
KAIS 3103
Applied Solid Mechanics, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation  Surface integrity in manufacturing processes, machining mechanics and dynamics, material response in manufacturing, vibration assisted machining, surface texturing, precision manufacturing.
Patrick Kirchen Kirchen, Patrick
Associate Professor
(604) 822-8256
CEME 2062
Energy & Environment, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


Thermal energy conversion, combustion, internal combustion engines, ion transport membranes.
Hongshen Ma Ma, Hongshen
Associate Professor
(604) 827-4703
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation

Microfluids and Biomedical Device Design

Microfluidic cell sorting by mechanical deformability, low-cost malaria detection device, microfluidic cell sorting by dielectrophoresis, magnetic endotracheal tube sensor, electrical impedance myography.
Walter Merida Mérida, Walter
(604) 822-4189
Energy & Environment

Clean Energy Systems

Energy systems (climate disruption), fuel cell technology (durability and reliability), and hydrogen infrastructures (refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles).
Jon Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Jon
Professor of Teaching and Director, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
(604) 822-2709
CEME 2208H
Engineering Education, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Developing a vertical axis tidal turbine for power generation, and collaborating with First Nations to develop live capture fishing technologies.
Ahmad Mohammadpanah Mohammadpanah, Ahmad
(604) 827-6617
CEME 2053A
Dynamics and vibration analysis of spinning disks, design and analysis of spherical parallel robots, machine learning, additive manufacturing
Ryozo Nagamune Nagamune, Ryozo
(604) 827-4344
KAIS 3104
Manufacturing Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Robust and Optimal Control

Modeling and system identification; model validation and simplification, controller and estimator design, analysis and implementation, and related optimization and computational algorithms, and in control applications, hard disk drive servo, machine-tool servo, MEMS control, and robotics.
Minkyun Noh Noh, Minkyun
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-6508
KAIS 3105
Mechatronics & Instrumentation Development of novel mechatronic systems via synergetic integration of electromechanics, machine design, control, and instrumentation. Areas of interest: magnetic levitation, bearingless motors, precision machines and instruments, electric machines and drives, medical devices, and robotics.
Carl Ollivier-Gooch Ollivier-Gooch, Carl
Professor and Associate Head, Equity, Diversity,
Inclusion and Engagement
(604) 822-1854
CEME 2065
Computational Engineering, Fluid Mechanics


Developing high-order accurate methods for compressible, turbulent flows, with applications in aerodynamics, aerodynamic optimization, and unstructured mesh generation from CAD data.
Olson, James
Professor and Dean
(604) 822-6413
KAIS 5000
Fluid Mechanics

Pulp and Paper

Reducing electrical energy consumption in pulping, developing a mathematical model of fibre orientation and concentration in turbulent flow, and design of a high performance, low energy pulp screen rotor.
Peter Ostafichuk Ostafichuk, Peter
Professor of Teaching
(604) 822-9614
CEME 2050
Engineering Education


Aerodynamics of sport, general aerodynamics, hydrodynamics.
Oxland headshot Oxland, Tom
(604) 675-8834
#5330 – 818 West 10th Ave
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering

Orthopaedic Research

Revision hip replacement, fixation of the osteoporotic spine, regeneration of damaged neural tissue, behaviour of orthopaedic implants, and musculoskeletal tissues.
Srikanth Phani Phani, Anasavarapu Srikantha
Associate Professor
(604) 822-6998
CEME 2061
Applied Solid Mechanics, Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering

Dynamics and vibrations; mechanics of materials

Dynamic response of lattice materials and structures; mechanics of nanomaterials; structural vibroacoustics; lattice mechanics of stents.
Mauricio Ponga Ponga, Mauricio
Assistant Professor
(604) 822-9015
Applied Solid Mechanics, Computational Engineering Multiscale modeling of materials; temporal and spatial coarse grained molecular dynamics; coarse grained density functional theory; large scale computer simulations.
Vladin Prodanovic Prodanovic, Vladan
Associate Professor Teaching and Associate Director CEEN Clean Energy Research
(604) 827-4239
CHBE 241
Engineering Education, Fluid Mechanics

Thermodynamics, two-phase flow and heat transfer, jet impingment boiling, HVAC

Theoretical studies and models of the boiling phenomena and their applications in nuclear industry and metallurgy, jet impingement boiling and heat transfer modeling for improvement of cooling techniques during steel production in hot strip and hot plate mills.
Bill Rawlings Rawlings, Bill
(604) 827-6412
CEME 2203D
Marine transportation; naval architecture; marine renewable energy;sustainable technology development.
Rogak Headshot Rogak, Steve
(604) 822-4149
CEME 2064
Energy & Environment

Particle Systems and Energy Conservation

Measurement of environmentally-relevant properties of soot nanoparticles. Aerosols in buildings. Control of emissions from combustion systems.
Robert Rohling Rohling, Robert
Professor and Director ICICS
(604) 822-2045
KAIS 3059
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics & Instrumentation

Medical Imaging, Biomedical Devices

New acquisition techniques for 2D and 3D ultrasound, medical image processing, medical image guidance systems, and navigating very large medical image datasets. Applications in diagnostics, anesthesia, surgery, and radiation therapy.
Gary Schajer Schajer, Gary
(604) 822-6004
CEME 2055
Applied Solid Mechanics

Measurement of Residual Stresses, Wood Quality Control

Developing methods to measure residual stresses suitable for industry use through ESPI and strain-gauge techniques, developing high-speed scanner to measure surface profile of rapidly moving lumber to enhance cut accuracy, and identifying lumber properties using microwave techniques.
Sielmann, Christoph
Assistant Professor of Teaching
CEME 2208G
Engineering Education, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics Instrumentation, nanofabrication technology, MEMS, clean energy, artificial intelligence.
Boris Stoeber Stoeber, Boris
(604) 827-5907
KAIS 3112
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Mechatronics & Instrumentation

MEMS, Microfluids

Flow control in microfluidic devices, complex microflows, microflow characterization methods, micro-optical devices, biomedical microdevices, and sensor technology.
Andrew Szeri Szeri, Andrew
Professor, Provost, and VP Academic
Fluid Mechanics Fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, computational neuroscience
Tatiana Teslenko Teslenko, Tatiana
Professor of Teaching
(604) 822-8190
KAIS 1134
Engineering Education Engineering communication, intercultural communication, rhetoric and composition.
Machiel Van der Loos Van der Loos, Machiel
Associate Professor and Associate Head, External and Industry Relations
(604) 827-4479
EDC 231
Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing Automation & Robotics

Medical Robotics

Research into human-robot interaction in industrial settings; interface design for mobile robots; roboethics; development of mechatronic exercise systems for movement therapy and diagnostic technologies for improved sleep quality; the neurophysiology of standing balance.
 Wu, Lyndia
Assistant Professor
(604) 827-2354
CEME 2059
Biomechanics & Biomedical EngineeringMechatronics & Instrumentation

Brain Injury Biomechanics, Wearable Sensors

Injury biomechanics, soft tissue biomechanics, traumatic brain injury, sleep biomechanics, sensors and instrumentation, data mining and machine learning
Naomi Zimmerman Zimmerman, Naomi
Assistant Professor
(604) 822-9433
CEME 2066
Energy & Environment

Air Pollution, Urban Sustainability, Climate Change

Air pollution and climate impacts of policy interventions, renewable energy technology, low-cost sensing, traffic-related air pollution, aerosols.
Name Contact Info Office
Bury, Karl
Professor Emeritus
Calisal, Sander M.
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-3770
CEME 2203B
Cramond, Patrick
Sr. Instructor Emeritus
Dunwoody, Bruce
Associate Professor Emeritus
Evans, Robert L.
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-3484
CEME 2203F
Mohamed Gadala Gadala, Mohamed S.
Professor Emeritus
Hauptmann, Edward G.
Professor Emeritus
 (604) 822-2781
Homsy, Bud
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-3783
Math Annex 1215
Hutton, Stanley G.
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-3904
CEME 2203D
Iqbal, Muhammad
Professor Emeritus
Douglas Romilly Romilly, Douglas
Associate Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-5604
 CEME 2203A
Farrokh Sassani Sassani, Farrokh
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-6671
CEME 2203F
Yellowley, Ian
Professor Emeritus
(604) 822-3528
CEME 2203C
Name Position Email Location / Office
Allan, Robert Adjunct Professor rallan@mail.ubc.ca
Braidwood, Iain Adjunct Professor ibraidwo@mail.ubc.ca
Cojocaru, Serban Adjunct Professor serban.cojocaru@mech.ubc.ca CEME 2208
Dalpke, Barbara Sessional Lecturer Dalpke@mech.ubc.ca CEME 2208
Ergudenler, Ali  Adjunct Professor ali.ergudenler@ubc.ca
Hamidi, Mehdi Adjunct Professor mehdi.hamidi@ubc.ca
McKesson, Christopher Adjunct Professor mckesson@mech.ubc.ca CEME 2208G
Najarian, Siamak Sessional Lecturer s.najarian@ubc.ca
Stana, Vitorio Adjunct Professor vstana@mech.ubc.ca
Vakil, Ali Adjunct Professor alivakil@mech.ubc.ca
Wang, Sheng-Hui Adjunct Professor sheng-hui.wang@mech.ubc.ca
Winkelman, Paul Sessional Lecturer pwinkel@mech.ubc.ca CEME 2208

Associate Members

Name Position Email Phone Location / Office
Blouin, Jean – Sebastien Associate Professor
MacLean, Karon Professor maclean@cs.ubc.ca 604-822-8169 CS
Martinez, D. Mark Professor martinez@chbe.ubc.ca 604-822-2693 CHBE
Rysanek, Adam Assistant Professor arysanek@sala.ubc.ca 604-827-5343 CIRS 3157
Wilson, David Professor david.wilson@ubc.ubc.ca 604-675-2584 ORTHO


Affiliate Faculty

Name Position Email Location / Office
Croft, Elizabeth Affiliate Professor Elizabeth.Croft@monash.edu Monash University


Name Contact Info Office
Josy Austin Austin, Josy
Program and Advising Coordinator, Student Services
(604) 822-4784
CEME 2205A
Avelino, Erwin
Finance Assistant
(604) 822-8290
CEME 2054
Bishop, Saxon
Reception and Program Assistant, Student Services
(604) 822-6584
CEME 2205D
Rico Choi Headshot Choi, Rico
Operations and HR Manager
(604) 822-6367
CEME 2054B
Monica Clarkson Headshot Clarkson, Monica (on leave)
Facilities & Safety Coordinator
(604) 822-3738
CEME 2054
Clayton Headshot Clayton, Sarah
Assistant Manager, Student Services
(604) 822-4350
CEME 2205B
Gerrits Headshot Gerrits, Heather
Manager, Student Services
(604) 822-3357
CEME 2205C
Rinna Gotay Headshot Gotay, Rinna
Finance Manager
(604) 822-4163
CEME 2054
Naomi Harder Headshot Harder, Naomi
Facilities & Safety Coordinator
(604) 822-3738
CEME 2054
Chloe Kim Kim, Chloe
HR & TA Coordinator
chloe@mech.ubc.ca CEME 2054
Kwong, Dennis
Faculty Affairs and Executive Assistant
(604) 827-0399
CEME 2054E
Leong, Athena
Graduate Admissions and MEng Coordinator, Student Services
(604) 822-9861
CEME 2205D
Mwanyumba, Fiona
Financial Processing and Reception Assistant
(604) 822-2781
CEME 2054
Pelletier, Jennifer
Manager, Facilities & Special Projects
(604) 827-4090
CEME 2054
Pitt-Brooke, Amelia
Communications & Community Engagement Officer, Student Services
(604) 827-1743
CEME 2205E
Name Contact Info Office
Sean Buxton Buxton, Sean
Program Support Electrical Engineer
(604) 827-3477
KAIS 1220
Furmedge, Peter
Engineering Technician
peter@mech.ubc.ca KAIS 1190
Genschorek, Roland
Machinist and Engineering Technician
(604) 827-5658
KAIS 1190
Hold, Angela
Machinist and Engineering Technician
(604) 827-5658
KAIS 1190
Hussain, Mome
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Technician
mome@mech.ubc.ca KAIS 1220
Jolly, Glenn
Instrumentation Technician
(604) 822-4530
KAIS 1220
Picard, Sylvain
Machinist and Engineering Technician
sylvain@mech.ubc.ca KAIS 1190
Erik Wilson Wilson, Erik
Undergraduate Lab Technician
(604) 822-4900
KAIS 1190