Gwynn Elfring

Gwynn Elfring

Gwynn Elfring

Associate Professor

B.Eng, M.A.Sc., (University of Victoria), Ph.D., (University of California, San Diego), Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of California, Santa Barbara)

phone: (604) 822-1287
fax: (604) 822-2403
office: ICCS 181

Research Interests

My research involves using the methods of applied mathematics, typically asymptotic analysis or numerical methods, to solve problems in science and engineering, often in collaboration with or inspired by experimentalists. My current research interests include:

  • Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
  • Complex Fluids
  • Cell Biomechanics
  • Capillary Phenomena
  • Applied Mathematics

Current Research Work

  • Biological Fluid Mechanics: A bulk of my work has been on the mechanics of bio-locomotion and cell-cell interactions, studying how cells swim, how they can deform one another passively via fluid-structure interactions when in close proximity and how this affects collective motility. I am also interested in how active particles, such as swimming cells, affect the mechanical properties of fluids.
  • Capillary Phenomena: Even though the equations governing capillary phenomena can be quite simple, the behaviour of interfacial systems can be both rich and mysterious. My recent work in this area explored an experimentally observed shape instability of squeezed droplets. In particular it was shown that if the droplet is sufficiently compressed at the top by a surface, it may develop a buckling instability at a critical compression.
  • Complex Fluids: Determining how to properly capture non-Newtonian effects and how they affect the behaviour of fluids is important in many flows from cells to large engineering processes and an active area of research.

Selected Publications

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