Tuition, Awards & Funding

Tuition, Awards and Funding

This page is divided into the following sections:

Program Fees

Estimated Tuition

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for information on the tuition fees for each of our programs.* MASc and PhD students are assessed tuition fees according to the Standard Master’s/PhD tuition schedules. Professional programs such as the MEng and MEL have specialized tuition fees that differ from the standard Master’s fees. Please refer to the table in the Academic Calendar that corresponds to your program.

MASc: Standard Master’s Degree Programs
PhD: Standard Doctoral Degree Programs
MEng (Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering): Master of Engineering
MEng NAME: Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
MEL: Master of Engineering Leadership

* Note: Fees, including tuition, program, course, special, and student society fees, are approved by the Board of Governors following consultation with students and are subject to change.

NOTE: Please note that we have been informed that UBC is in the process of increasing tuition fees. These changes are currently pending. The proposed increase will take effect after May, annually. 

Other Expenses

Cost of Living

Use this calculator provided by UBC’s Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to calculate your estimated cost of living, including rent, health care, student fees, textbooks, groceries, and entertainment.

Graduate Student Fees

All UBC students are assessed student fees. These fees help cover costs of resources available to students. Most of these fees are mandatory, but some have opt-out provisions. With the exception of AMS/GSS Extended Health Care Fee and iMED fee, all student fees are charged in three installments payable in September, January, and May. Refer to the Academic Calendar for a full list of student fees.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a number of scholarships, awards, Research Assistantships (RAs) and Teaching Assistantships (TAs) to our graduate students.

A large number of research graduate students who do not hold a major award or scholarship are offered research assistantships by their supervisor(s). These assistantships may be held with teaching assistantships and some scholarships.

NOTE: The majority of applicants applying for January admission are not eligible for scholarships, department awards, or research assistantships.

Awards and Scholarships

There are many awards available for MASc and PhD students ranging from national research awards to departmental top-ups. The majority of awards are awarded upon a student’s application into their program. For a list of all external awards, visit the Graduate School Award Opportunities database.

Please note that professional or course-based Master’s students (i.e. MEng and MEL) are not eligible for the following awards. For funding opportunities for the MEng NAME program, please visit the NAME website. For MEL awards, refer to the MEL website. MEng and MEL students may also be eligible for Teaching Assistantships (see below) with the permission of their Program Director.

NSERC helps provide financial support to high-calibre scholars who are engaged in eligible doctoral and master’s programs in Canada.

To be considered for this award, students must submit an online application with all required supporting documents to by September 17, 2019 (PhD) or December 2, 2019 (MASc). For more information please contact

Refer to the NSERC website for information, eligibility requirements, and how to apply:

Affiliated Fellowship (PhD and MASc)

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers approximately 50 Affiliated Fellowships each year to meritorious students to assist their full-time study and/or research leading to a graduate degree. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence, and are open to all current and prospective full-time research graduate students.

To be considered for this award, prospective students must submit an online application with all required supporting documents by September 17, 2019 (PhD) or December 2, 2019 (MASc). Applications received without all supporting documents will not be considered. Current students who want to be considered must be nominated by their supervisor.


International Tuition Award (PhD and MASc)

International Tuition Awards assist international graduate students with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs. All international students are automatically considered. View the quick facts at

All applications that are submitted before the scholarship and awards deadline will automatically be considered for a Departmental Award. Our Faculty members nominate students based on their academic merit, using the same guidelines as those used to award NSERC/ Affiliated scholarships.

Four Year Fellowship (4YF) (PhD only)

Awards worth up to $18,200 plus tuition for up to four years. NSERC PGS-D winners will automatically receive a 4YF, but will not receive the stipend during PGS-D. NSERC CGS-D winners will automatically receive a 4YF, but will not receive the stipend or tuition award during the CGS-D.

Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship (PhD only)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering wishes to promote undergraduate teaching excellence by awarding annually the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship to senior PhD students who have demonstrated dedication to, and a talent for, teaching. The Fellowship will provide a stipend up to $10,000 and mentorship support to teach an undergraduate course.

Gartshore Fellowship (MASc only)

Awards of up to $15,000 for MASc students are offered to students entering the MASc program in Mechanical Engineering. Scholars who hold more than $9,000 in external scholarships receive a top-up to a total of $30,000 (MASc), or the minimum fellowship value, whichever is greater.

Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) (PhD and MASc)

Awards will be allocated by faculty supervisors on an annual basis to support graduate students during their studies. There are no application or nomination procedures for MECH GSI as amounts and allocations are determined at the discretion of the supervising faculty members.

Research Assistantships

The majority of MASc and PhD students in the department are offered research assistantships (RAs) by faculty members. RAs are funded by research grants for specific projects which almost always constitute thesis projects. RAs may be held in conjunction with Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and some scholarships. Although you will automatically be considered for an RA when submitting your online application, to successfully secure an RA appointment you are encouraged to make contact with a research supervisor. The number of RA’s offered will vary depending on lab and research space as well as available funding.

Teaching Assistantships

For information about teaching assistantships, please view this page.