MASc/PhD Application Instructions

NOTE: The instructions on this page are for MASc and PhD applicants only. Students interested in applying for our professional programs (MEng or MEL) should visit our Applications and Admissions information page, which will point you to the application instructions for each specific program.

NOTE: Please note that we have been informed that UBC is in the process of increasing tuition fees. These changes are currently pending. The proposed increase will take effect after May 2019.

Complete the following steps to submit your application to UBC Mechanical Engineering (MASc or PhD programs only):

1. Read the “Application Requirements” tab, and ensure you meet the requirements.
2. Prepare your application components (listed under the “Application Requirements” tab) and approach potential supervisors.
3. Review the applications deadlines in the table below. For more information about awards deadlines view the “Awards & Scholarships” tab.
4. Review the “Application Instructions” tab and set aside 45-60 minutes to complete your application. Ensure you have all the required documentation for your application, listed under the “Application Requirements” tab.
5. Apply via the online portal. To be considered for departmental scholarships, please apply by the deadlines listed below.
6. Review the “After Applying” tab so you are aware of the admissions procedure.


Application portal opening date Scholarships & Awards deadline Final application deadline Applicants applying for NSERC, Affiliated Fellowship, or other G+PS awards
September 15 December 1* February 15 Refer to G+PS website


Note: international students are responsible for ensuring they have enough time to gather visa and appropriate documentation to start the program September 1st. Deferrals are not normally accepted.

*Students who wish to be considered for Awards & Scholarships must submit an online UBC application with all required supporting documents by the above scholarships & awards deadline. No late application will be considered.

January Intake

January intake into our graduate programs is not common, as the majority of research positions are filled in September. For availability of research positions, we strongly encourage interested applicants to talk directly to the faculty member with whom they are interested in working. Applications will be accepted online from June 1 to September 1, with all supporting documents due before September 15.



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Can’t find the answer to your question on our website? Email us at Any admission inquires sent to other accounts will not receive a response.

Application Details

Canada/US Applicants


Normally, applicants for a master's degree program must hold the academic equivalent of a four-year bachelor's degree from UBC including one of the following:

  • A minimum overall average in the B+ range (76% at UBC) in third- and fourth-year courses.
  • Academic standing with at least 12 credits of third- or fourth-year courses in the A grade range (80% or higher at UBC) in the field of study.


Applicants for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) must have completed one of the following requirements prior to admission:

  • A master's degree (or equivalent) from an approved institution with clear evidence of research ability or potential.
  • A bachelor’s degree with one year of study in a master's program with 12 credits of first class average, of which 9 credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least 9 credits must be of first class standing. Also, clear evidence of research ability or potential.
  • In exceptional cases, applicants who hold a bachelor's degree with an overall average in the A grade range and who demonstrate advanced research ability may be granted direct admission to a doctoral degree program on recommendation of the admitting graduate program and approval of the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Students entering directly from a bachelor's degree must, during the first year of study, complete 12 credits with a first class average, of which at least 9 credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least 9 credits must be of first class standing, to maintain registration as a doctoral student.

For a full list of requirements for Canada/US applicants, visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Applicants from other countries

Application criteria is dependent on the country in which you studied. Visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for the full list of country-specific criteria.

Application Components

The following components are necessary for when you are completing your application:

  • PDF scans of official transcripts
    • from all past post-secondary institutions at which you studied*
    • front and back, including grading rubric (a grading rubric/scale should include description to interpret the grades that appear on your transcript)
  • 3 letters of reference
  • English proficiency exam*
    • required for applicants from universities outside Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction.
  • An identified research supervisor
  • Statement of Interest/Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page).
  • Resume/CV (maximum 3 pages including list of publication).
  • Writing Sample (must choose an individual work)
    • demonstrating your skills in academic research and/or the use of English language
    • applicant can decide the length and content of the writing sample
  • Video Interview: in order to be considered for departmental awards (e.g. Four Year Fellowship or Gartshore Fellowship), applicants must submit a video interview to be eligible.

For more information on these criteria, visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Please note that we do not require that applicants take or submit results for the GRE.

English Requirements

NB: Our minimum English requirements may be different than those of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

English Proficiency Tests and Minimum Requirements

Reading Writing Listening Speaking Overall
IELTS (Academic) 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.5
TOEFL 22 21 22 21 93
International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)

On the IELTS application form you will be asked to specify institutions where you would like the results to be sent. To ensure UBC receives your results correctly, use the following details on the application:
1. Name of institution: The University of British Columbia
2. Name of person/department: Graduate School Admissions
3. Address: 170-6371 Crescent Road, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

1. Use the University of British Columbia’s institution code 0965, and the Mechanical Engineering department code 68.
2. Give the reason for taking TOEFL “to enter a college or university as a graduate student”


* Transcripts/certificates must be scanned and uploaded to the application system as PDF files, and English proficiency test results must be self reported during the application process. These will be used for initial evaluation of the applicant. Please have official English proficiency test results sent electronically from the test centre using the above information, or the application will be considered incomplete. Official paper transcripts and certificates will not be required or accepted until after an applicant receives an offer of admission.


PhD Direct Entry

In exceptional cases, students who meet the requirements may be granted direct admission from a bachelor’s degree into a doctoral degree program on recommendation of the admitting graduate program and approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

To allow Direct Entry admission, applicants must meet the below requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree with an overall average in the A grade range (equivalent to 80% or higher at UBC) in courses
  • Demonstrate advanced research ability

Student who are interested in being considered for PhD Direct Entry should submit an application directly to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering. Students entering directly from a bachelor's degree must, during the first two years of study, complete a total of 12 credits with a first class average, of which at least 9 credits must be at the 500-level or above and at least 9 credits must be of first class standing, to maintain registration as a doctoral student.

The information is also listed on the Vancouver Academic Calendar.

Fast Track

It is possible to transfer From Master’s to Doctoral Programs without completing Master’s Requirements.

Students may be eligible to transfer from a master’s program into a related doctoral program ("fast track") if they have completed the following requirements. Note that this is only applicable to students that are currently enrolled in the UBC Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc) in Mechanical Engineering; the information is only listed here for applicants’ future reference:

  • Student holds a bachelor's degree
  • Student has completed a minimum of one year (3 terms) of study in a master's program and no more than 2 years
  • Student has completed 9 credits at the 500-level or above and of first class standing (80%).
  • Students shows clear evidence of research ability

The information is also listed on the G+PS website.

Awards and Scholarship Deadlines

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a number of scholarships, awards, Research Assistantships (RAs) and Teaching Assistantships (TAs) to our graduate students. For more information about RA and TA position, visit the Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant page.

A large number of research graduate students who do not hold a major award or scholarship are offered research assistantships by their supervisor(s). These assistantships may be held with teaching assistantships and some scholarships.

NOTE: The majority of applicants applying for January admission are not eligible for scholarships, department awards, or research assistantships.

Awards and Scholarships

There are many awards available for MASc and PhD students ranging from national research awards to departmental top-ups. The majority of awards are awarded upon a student's application into their program. For a list of all external awards, visit the Graduate School Award Opportunities database.

Please note that professional or course-based Master's students (i.e. MEng and MEL) are not eligible for the following awards. For funding opportunities for the MEng NAME program, please visit the NAME website. For MEL awards, refer to the MEL website. MEng and MEL students may also be eligible for Teaching Assistantships (see below) with the permission of their Program Director.

NSERC helps provide financial support to high-calibre scholars who are engaged in eligible doctoral and master’s programs in Canada.To be considered for this award, prospective students must submit an online application with all required supporting documents to both of the NSERC website and UBC application portal by September 15 (PhD) or December 1 (MASc). Prospective students are responsible to upload all of their transcripts, as well as completing the final step of application submission. For more information please contact

Refer to the NSERC website for information, eligibility requirements, and how to apply: 

Affiliated Fellowship (PhD and MASc)

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers approximately 50 Affiliated Fellowships each year to meritorious students to assist their full-time study and/or research leading to a graduate degree. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence, and are open to all current and prospective full-time research graduate students.

To be considered for this award, prospective students must submit an Affiliated Fellowship application (see links below) to and a UBC online application with all required supporting documents by September 15 (PhD) or December 1 (MASc). Applications received without all supporting documents will not be considered.



International Tuition Award (PhD and MASc)

International Tuition Awards assist international graduate students with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs. There is no nomination or application procedure for this tuition waiver, as all international students are automatically considered. The award helps international graduate students with up to $3,200 per year. View the quick facts at

To be considered for the 4YF/Gartshore, prospective students must submit an online application with all required supporting documents to the application portal (MASc/PhD Applications) by December 1 (PhD & MASc). All applications that are submitted before the scholarship and awards deadline will automatically be considered for a Departmental Award. No extra application will be required from prospective students. Our Faculty members nominate students based on their academic merit, using the same guidelines as those used to award NSERC/ Affiliated scholarships.

Four Year Fellowship (4YF) (PhD only)

Awards worth up to $18,200 plus tuition for up to four years. NSERC PGS-D winners will automatically receive a 4YF, but will not receive the stipend during PGS-D. NSERC CGS-D winners will automatically receive a 4YF, but will not receive the stipend or tuition award during the CGS-D.

Gartshore Fellowship (MASc only)

Awards of up to $15,000 for MASc students are offered to students entering the MASc program in Mechanical Engineering. Scholars who hold more than $9,000 in external scholarships receive a top-up to a total of $26,000 (MASc), or the minimum fellowship value, whichever is greater.

Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) (PhD and MASc)

Awards will be allocated by faculty supervisors on an annual basis to support graduate students during their studies. There are no application or nomination procedures for MECH GSI as amounts and allocations are determined at the discretion of the supervising faculty members.

Application Instructions

Ready to apply? Click the button below! The application process will take approximately 45-60 minutes.

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Supplementary Instructions

Application History

Please list all post-secondary institutions you’ve attended in reverse chronological order (the most recent school first).

Program-Specific Question

For Ph.D. applicants, last degree refers to your Master’s degree; second-to-last degree to your Bachelor’s degree.
State your original grade scale (do NOT convert it into a different scale). If your institution uses the grading system 0-100, your maximum attainable GPA should be 100.

Self-reported GPA

Bachelor's: Include all 300/400 level courses (no matter when they were taken) within the Engineering degree. If no 4th year grades are issued at the time of application, report GPA based on 3rd year grades only.
Master's: Overall GPA (include all grades earned in your program).


Bachelor's: Overall GPA (include all grades earned in your program).
Master's: Overall GPA (include all grades earned in your program).

Supporting Documents

You will have 14 days after the deadline to have all required supporting documents uploaded to your online application. Applications missing the required electronic supporting documents after 14 days past the deadline will not be considered.

DO NOT send any documents by mail or courier to UBC during the first stage of your application. Paper applications and paper copies of supporting documents will not be accepted.

The department will review scanned PDF versions of documents uploaded to the online application portal, and will only require official paper documents if an applicant receives an admission offer and the offer is accepted. Information regarding submitting official paper documents will be outlined in the conditional admission letter. No registration or start of program is allowed until the conditions are fulfilled.


After Applying

Admissions Procedure

Admission to the Graduate Program is on a competitive basis and is not automatic even if minimum requirements are met. Once an applicant has submitted all required electronic documentation and it has been determined that minimum admission standards are met, the file is reviewed by faculty members. Please note that a supervisor is required for entry into our graduate research programs; if you are not selected by a faculty member, you will not receive an offer letter.

Selection is based on many factors including grades, reference letters, publications (if any), work experience, available space in area of research interest, and acceptance by potential supervisors. The number of applicants and the number of available spaces vary from year to year. We regret that we are unable to accept many excellent qualified applicants due to space and funding considerations.

The admission process is timely and varies for each student and program. Faculty members evaluate applications on an ongoing basis; as such, we cannot provide a specific date for a decision.

Add to your Application

Once you’ve completed your application and uploaded all supporting documents, we start to consider your application. You can make changes to your referee information or add additional documents through the application portal using your CWL. Successful applicants will be contacted via email.

Please be patient while our office considers your application. We understand and sympathize with your concerns about your application, however, we would appreciate if you refrain from calling or emailing to check your application status as all successful applicants will be notified as soon as the department makes a decision. Thank you for your understanding.

Offers of Admission

Applicants are sent a conditional admission offer by the Department, which will indicate which faculty member has agreed to supervise them. The letter may also state whether or not financial assistance is available. If financial assistance is available, the supervisor is expected to contact the applicant independently.

Once the applicant has received the conditional admission letter, they must accept or decline the offer through the application portal. If the offer is accepted, official paper copies of transcripts, certificates, and English proficiency scores (if applicable) must be sent to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) at the following address:

Graduate School Admissions
University of British Columbia
170-6371 Crescent Road, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

Please see the information provided by G+PS regarding official documents for domestic and international applicants.

Admission offers will not be finalized and applicants will not be allowed to register in a graduate program until all required official documents are received and validated by G+PS.

After receiving notification of official acceptance from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, students should refer to the information for newly admitted students on the G+PS website. International students can find additional information on required documentation for studying and working in Canada here.