Mohamed Gadala

Mohamed Gadala


B.Sc. (Cairo University), Ph.D. (McMaster)

phone: (604) 822-2777
fax: (604) 822-2403
office: RH 108

Research Interests

  • Finite Element Formulation of Nonlinear and Fracture Mechanics Problems
  • Design Optimizations Using the Finite Element Method
  • Bulk and sheet metal forming applications
  • On Line Machine Monitoring and Crack Identification
  • Numerical Simulation of Controlled Cooling Process of Steel
  • Inverse problems in mechanics and heat transfer
  • Finite element applications in nonlinear dynamics

Current Research Work

  • ALE Formulation of Nonlinear Problems: Our developed ALE formulation and in-house ALE program is capable of handling large strain quasi static and dynamic problems in plasticity coupled with thermal effects. Extending the formulation to dynamic fracture mechanics and full scale dynamic problems is undergoing.
  • Crack Detection and Crack Propagation: The objective is to provide industry with combined experimental and numerical solution procedure for crack detection and crack propagation monitoring in rotating components. The emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of identifying flaw parameters and supplying estimates about critical size and remaining safe life in operation.
  • Modeling of Controlled Cooling of Steel on Run-Out Table: Run-out table cooling following hot rolling is the crucial step in determining the final mechanical properties of the steel. The objective of this work is to provide participating companies with a tool to design unique run-out table processing paths that control the phase transformation of new steels and provide optimum mechanical properties.
  • Behavior of Piezoelectric Actuators: Static and dynamic behavior of piezoelectric actuators used in fuel injectors are studied. The project involves experimental electric fatigue tests under various operating conditions and development of finite element models to predict the behavior.


  • M. Tayler, M.S. Gadala and G. Hodgins, “Pressure Washer Drum”, Canadian Patent, Serial No. 2161851, Filing Date: Nov. (1997), Issuing Date: June (1999).
  • M. Tayler, M.S. Gadala and G. Hodgins, “New Design for Pressure Washer Drums”, US Patent, Serial No. 5582728, Filing Date: June (1995), Issuing Date: Dec. (1996).

Selected Publications

  • S. Vakili and M. S. Gadala, “Boiling Heat Transfer of Multiple Impinging Jets on a Hot Moving Plate,” Heat Transfer Engineering, vol. 34, no. 7, pp. 580–595, 2013.
  • I. Shahin, M. Gadala, M. Alqaradawi, and O. Badr, “Centrifugal Compressor Spiral Dry Gas Seal Simulation Working at Reverse Rotation,” Procedia Engineering, vol. 68, pp. 285–292, 2013.
  • I. Shahin, M. Gadala, M. Alqaradawi, and O. Badr, “Three Dimensional Computational Study for Spiral Dry Gas Seal with Constant Groove Depth and Different Tapered Grooves,” Procedia Engineering, vol. 68, pp. 205–212, 2013.
  • M. Zengeya and M. Gadala, “Empirically derived optimization model: Theoretical formulation and validation,” Tribology International, vol. 47, pp. 145–158, 2012.
  • M. M. Seraj and M. S. Gadala, “Non-Circular Hydraulic Jump on a Moving Surface due to an Impinging Circular Free Surface Jet of Water,” steel research international, vol. 83, no. 7, pp. 653–670, 2012.
  • M. S. Senousy, T. M. Khattab, M. Al-Qaradawi, and M. S. Gadala, “Identifying Crack Parameters in Slow Rotating Machinery Using Vibration Measurements and Hybrid Neuro-Particle Swarm Technique,” in ASME 2010 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2010, pp. 65–72.
  • M. S. Senousy, M. S. Gadala, and M. Y. Al-Qaradawi, “Solving the Inverse Problem of Crack Identification Using Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms,” in The 17th international Congress on Sound and Vibration, 2010.
  • M. S. Gadala and F. Xu, “Study on the 2-D Simulation of the Cooling Process of Steel Strips on a Run-out Table,” Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 1–19, 2010.

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