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Media Mention: Virtual Reality Video Games Make Rehab Fun For Younger Patients October 18, 2019
Magnifying mistakes leads to more meaningful motor learning. Experts commonly advise that the best exercise is exercise you enjoy doing—that way you’ll keep doing it. The same holds true for rehabilitation exercise, especially when it comes to younger patients. Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute scientists recently tested gaming devices equipped with immersive virtual reality (VR) […]

New Publication: Active Particles in Viscosity Gradients
UBC Mech Department Professor Gwynn Elfring and recently graduated MECH Ph.D. student Charu Datt have published an article in the prestigious physics journal Physical Review Letters on ‘Active particles in viscosity gradients’. In this work they show how one can understand and model the viscotaxis observed in biological microorganisms swimming in fluids with viscosity gradients. In the […]

Dr. Hongshen Ma inspects a microscope.

Hongshen Ma Receives Support from Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research October 7, 2019
Hongshen Ma, a UBC mechanical engineering professor, has received funding support from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) to develop technology that may bring protein-based medicines to market more quickly and cost-effectively. The support comes through the MSFHR’s Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program, which was established three years ago “to help researchers advance […]

Media Mention: Tyee interview’s Dr. Agnes D’Entremont “on Engineering, Gender, Teaching and More” October 1, 2019
Agnes d’Entremont doesn’t have cable and hasn’t seen the recent HBO series Chernobyl. But she knows the territory. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster brought perhaps the most horrifying consequences ever to result from the clash of engineering principles with political agendas. That may be why d’Entremont, a senior instructor of mechanical engineering at the University of British […]

Media Mention: Globe & Mail discusses Emissions from Trucking Industry with Dr. Walter Merida
“Since 2007, we’ve seen an almost 5-per-cent decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars, but emissions from transport trucks have actually increased by nearly 14 per cent,” says Walter Merida, director of the Clean Energy Research Centre at the University of British Columbia. “That’s because Canada is a trading nation and a lot of our economy depends […]

2019 Summer Research Recap
The 2019 Summer Terms featured a number of noteworthy research-related achievements in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. New Canada Research Chairs The department received the addition of two new Canada Research Chairs (CRC): Xiaoliang Jin CRC in Advanced Manufacturing, Tier 2 Naomi Zimmerman CRC in Sustainability, Tier 2 The Canada Research Chairs Program designed Tier […]

Department Statement on Climate Change

Department Statement on Climate Change September 23, 2019
Climate change is a defining issue of our time. Scientists in Canada and internationally have reached consensus that human-caused global warming will have disastrous impacts on our ecosystems, including human and animal life, if not addressed quickly. In response to the scientific consensus, the Government of Canada has declared a climate emergency. The department joins […]

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Mech 2 Hovercraft Design Competition  – April 16, 2019
Engineering students defy gravity (and friction) in hovercraft competition Second-year mechanical engineering students will race remote-controlled hovercraft that float on a cushion of air, combining speed and control in a Hyperloop design challenge. Split into 20 teams, the class will address one of the technology’s fundamental premises: freeing transportation from the limitation imposed by friction […]

Options Info Session: Biomedical – February 6, 2019
Mechanical Engineering will be holding an information session about our Biomedical Option and admissions for all 1st year and current Mech 2 students. The session will go over the application process, due dates, and what to include in your application package. The faculty member Option Coordinator will also be speaking in depth about the option […]

Options Info Session: Thermofluids – February 5, 2019
Mechanical Engineering will be holding an information session about our Thermofluids Option and admissions for all 1st year and current Mech 2 students. The session will go over the application process, due dates, and what to include in your application package. The faculty member Option Coordinator will also be speaking in depth about the option […]

Options Info Session: Mechatronics – February 4, 2019
Mechanical Engineering will be holding an information session about our Mechatronics Option and admissions for all 1st year and current Mech 2 students. The session will go over the application process, due dates, and what to include in your application package. The faculty member Option Coordinator will also be speaking in depth about the option […]

First-Year Networking Event
Are you a first-year Engineering student interested in joining Mechanical Engineering? Join us for a special networking event where you’ll get to meet our students, alumni, and faculty members! Small groups of students will be matched with one current student, one alumnus and one professor so that everyone gets a chance to talk directly to the people who […]

14 Not Forgotton
Join the Engineering Undergraduate Society and Women in Engineering tomorrow, November 28th, at 11 am for a ceremony remembering the 14 women killed in the 1989 l’École Polytechnique de Montréal shooting, and commemorate victims of gender-based violence. When: Wednesday, Nov 28 | 11 am – 2  pm Where: Engineering Student Centre (map) Event Details: 

Engineering Database Training Day – September 25, 2018
UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering 2360 East Mall, Vancouver, V6T 1Z3 Please join us for a day of expert training on some of Elsevier’s most important Engineering and Science related databases. All training sessions will be held in Chemical and Biological Engineering building. Room details are listed as follows. RSVP: Please click the hyperlinks below […]

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Fluids Seminar – October 21, 2019 – Dr. Thomasina Ball
Modelling viscous flow and elastic deformation in fold-thrust belts and magmatic intrusions Dr. Thomasina Ball When: October 21, 2019 | 4 PM Where: CEME 1203 | 6250 Applied Science Lane   Abstract:Fluid dynamics governs many phenomena on the Earth’s surface and interior, from the emplacement of fluid magma, to the viscous deformation of mountain ranges […]

Distinguished Colloquium- September 17, 2019 – Prof. Norman A. Fleck
Microarchitectured Materials: Current Status and Future Prospects The Department presents our Fall 2019 Distinguished Colloquium speaker: Dr. Norman A. Fleck Professor, Engineering Department University of Cambridge, United Kingdom When: September 17, 2019 | 11 AM Where: CEME 2202| 6250 Applied Science Lane Refreshments served at 10:45 AM.   Abstract: Lattice materials are emerging with a […]

Bionics Seminar – August 14, 2019 – Hyun-Joong Chung
Hydrogels, Elastomers and Their Composites with Textiles in Healthcare and Energy Devices Associate Professor Hyun-Joong Chung Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta When: August 14, 2019 | 9:30 AM Where: Kaiser 2020 | 2332 Main Mall       Abstract: Wearable healthcare systems require sensing units that are often in contact with skin, as […]

Fluids Seminar – July 15, 2019 – Dr. Shima Abadi
Analysis of Airgun Pulses During Marine Seismic Reflection Surveys Prof. Shima Abadi Engineering and Mathematics, University of Washington When: July 15, 2019 | 2-3 PM Where: CEME 2202 | 6250 Applied Science Lane   Abstract: Marine seismic reflection surveys use acoustic energy to image the structure of the seafloor. Broadband impulsive sound signals are generated […]

Fluids Seminar – May 27, 2019 – Dr. Frédérick P. Gosselin
Fluid-Structure Interactions of Wind on a Plant Dr. Frédérick P. Gosselin Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal Visiting Associate Professor, UBC Department of Botany When: May 27, 2019 | 2-3 PM Where: CEME 2202 | 6250 Applied Science Lane   Abstract: Plants live in constantly moving fluid, whether air or water. In response to the loads […]

Applied Mechanics Seminar – Feb 18, 2019 – Dr. Jinkyu Yang
The Origin of Softness in Fibre Network  Dr. Tetsu Uesaka Professor Emeritus Mid Sweden University When: March 18, 2019 | 2 PM Where: CEME 1203| 6250 Applied Science Lane Abstract: Fibre network is a ubiquitous structure that is widely seen in plant cells and animal tissues, as well as industrial materials (papers and nonwoven materials). Nature uses […]

Fluids Seminar – Mar 18, 2019 – Dr. Devesh Ranjan
Turbulent mixing in shock-driven variable-density flow Dr. Devesh Ranjan Associate Chair for Research and Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology When: March 18, 2019 | 2 PM Where: CEME 2202 | 6250 Applied Science Lane Abstract: Mixing is central to several important phenomena in nature and engineering. Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) and Richtmyer-Meshkov (RM) driven perturbations at […]

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Scholarships Info Session: CGS-M Masters – October 28, 2019
Scholarships Info Session: CGS-M Masters Monday 28 October 2019 Open to fourth-year undergrads and first-year Master’s students, this session will provide a detailed overview of the CGS-M award competition, including advice on writing a successful application. Eligibility criteria for major funding agencies will be reviewed, as well as application procedures and tips for putting together […]

Call for Applications: Google PhD Fellowship – Deadline: November 6, 2019
Google PhD Fellowship The Google PhD Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding PhD graduate students doing exceptional work in computer science and related research areas. The fellowship provides full tuition and fees (enrollment fees, health insurance, books) plus a stipend to be used for living expenses, travel and personal equipment for two years, with possible […]

Competition Announcement: SWAAC Graduate Student Award of Merit – Deadline: November 1, 2019
Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada (SWAAC) Graduate Student Award of Merit ​​The Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada organization was founded in 1987 to provide a forum and a collective voice for women in senior administrative ranks in Canadian universities, colleges and technical institutes. At least three awards, each in the amount of $3,500, […]

Call to Faculty for Letters of Intent: 2019 Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) Program – Deadline: October 11, 2019
The Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) program was created to improve global talent exchange between Canada and other nations. The 2019 QES competition will support projects in Latin America and the Caribbean that focus on education, social services and health. Each Canadian university may submit one multi-year project proposal seeking funding of up to $300,000. Projects […]

Call for Applications: PEO scholarships – Deadline: Nov 20 and Dec 15, 2019
Please note that both of these awards are externally administered, so interested applicants should contact the PEO directly for any questions. PEO Scholar Award The PEO Scholar Awards are one-time, competitive, merit-based awards intended to recognize and encourage academic excellence and achievement by women in doctoral-level programs. These awards provide partial support for study and research. […]

Call for Nominations: ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award – Deadline: October 4, 2019
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) established the Doctoral Dissertation Award program to recognize and encourage superior research and writing by doctoral candidates in computer science and engineering. The award is presented each June at the ACM Awards Banquet and is accompanied by a prize of $20,000 plus travel expenses to the banquet. All winning […]

Call for Applications: DAAD Study Scholarships and Research Grants – Deadline: October 18, 2019
Competition Announcement: DAAD Study Scholarships and Research Grants DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) Study Scholarships and Research Grants are available for highly qualified graduate students, PhD candidates, and post-doctoral researchers in all disciplines to study and carry out research at universities or research institutes in Germany. These scholarship provide funds for a period of study and/or […]