Nima Atabaki

Nima Atabaki

Associate Professor of Teaching

P.Eng.; B.Sc. (Sharif U. Tech.); M.A.Sc. (École Poly. Montréal); Ph.D. (McGill)

phone:  (604) 827-4065
office: ICCS 173

Research Interests

Experimental and theoretical research in the field of heat and mass transfer, with applications to the conversion, storage, and use of energy resources.

Current Research Work

  • Loop heat pipes
  • Two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer
  • Effective thermal conductivity of fluid saturated sintered powder metal plates
  • HVAC systems

Teaching Activities

  • MECH 473 HVAC
  • MECH 375 Heat Transfer


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  • N. Atabaki, Experimental and computational studies of loop heat pipes, vol. 68. 2006.
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  • N. ATABAKI and M. BERNIER, “Détermination expérimentale des caractéristiques de la zone de mélange au bas d’un chauffe-eau électrique,” in Thermique des systèmes. Colloque universitaire franco-québécois, 2001, pp. 455–462.

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