Ian Frigaard

Ian Frigaard

Ian Frigaard


B.Sc. (Univ. of Wales), M.Sc. (Oxon), D.Phil. (Oxon), C.Math.

phone: (604) 822-1316
email: frigaard@math.ubc.ca
website:  blogs.ubc.ca/frigaard
office: ICCS 177

Research Interests

My research interests are in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and understanding industrial processes that exploit the non-Newtonian properties of fluids. In particular I am interested in the mechanics of visco-plastic (yield stress) fluids. Many of the industrial research projects come from the petroleum industry. Areas of keen interest here are centered around cementing of wells, preventing leakage and techniques for the eventual abandonment – issues related to GHG emission control and long-term environmental protection.

Methodologically, my group conducts research that combines mathematical, experimental and computational approaches. Many of the results of our research are described the publications of my group and our research collaborators. Research is carried out in the Complex Fluids Lab at UBC, in a strongly interdisciplinary environment. My group typically consists of 10 or more graduate students and postdocs, some internships are typically available in Summer.


Selected Publications

  • M. Zare, M. Daneshi, I.A. Frigaard, “Effects of non-uniform rheology on the motion of bubbles in a yield stress fluid.” J. of Fluid Mechanics, 919, A25, (2021).
  • R. Gupta, R. Mitishita, I.A. Frigaard, G. Elfring, “Rheology of wormlike micellar gels formed by long-chained zwitterionic surfactants.” J. Rheology, 65, 1065, (2021)
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  • A. Renteria, P. Sarmadi, C. Thompson, I. A. Frigaard, “Effects of wellbore irregularity on primary cementing of horizontal wells, Part 1: Large scale effects.” J. Petroleum Science and Engineering, 208, 109581, (2021).
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  • J. Bélair, I.A. Frigaard, H. Kunze, R. Makarov, R. Melnik, R.J. Spiteri, Mathematical and computational approaches in advancing modern science and engineering, Springer, 2017.

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