MECH Sustainability

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to combating climate change and creating a sustainable future.

On September 23rd the Department issued the following statement:

Climate change is a defining issue of our time. Scientists in Canada and internationally have reached consensus that human-caused global warming will have disastrous impacts on our ecosystems, including human and animal life, if not addressed quickly. In response to the scientific consensus, the Government of Canada has declared a climate emergency. The department joins the government and other institutions in recognizing this emergency. The department believes it is our collective responsibility to minimize and mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

Mechanical Engineering is a proud part of the UBC community, which has ranked first in the world for its commitment to sustainability. Sustainability thinking is embedded within our curriculum and many faculty members carry out research related to combating climate change.

We must continue to work to make sure that cutting-edge science informs government policy, and that sustainable technologies aid our efforts to combat climate change. We encourage all the members of our UBC Mechanical Engineering Community to consider the ways as individuals and professionals we can work together to address this important global issue.

Sustainability Committee

Members of the MECH Sustainability Committee include faculty, staff, and students who work to coordinate the Department’s efforts in sustainability. To get in touch with a sustainability-related initiative or to get involved, please email


Amanda Giang Amanda Giang Rivkah Gardner-Frolick Rivkah Gardner-Frolick Bernhard Nimmervoll Bernhard Nimmervoll
Sheldon Green Sheldon Green
Naomi Zimmerman Naomi Zimmerman

Sustainability Initiatives

  • A sustainability audit of laboratories will be conducted, likely at the same time as safety audits
  • Incorporation of sustainability into curriculum
  • Departmental support of a sustainability lecture series, in collaboration with the University of Victoria, IRES, and the Departments of Civil Engineering and Geography