Ryozo Nagamune

Ryozo Nagamune

Ryozo Nagamune


B.Sc. (Osaka University), M.Sc. (Osaka University), Ph.D. (Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden)

phone: (604) 827-4344
fax: (604) 822-2403
email: nagamune@mech.ubc.ca
website:  Control Engineering Laboratory
office: KAIS 3104

Research Interests

Control Engineering:

  • Control of floating offshore wind turbines and farms
  • Control of engine aftertreatment systems
  • Control of integrates solar thermal systems
  • Control of manufacturing machines (CNC machine, 3D printer)
  • Control of COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Switching linear parameter-varying control

Current Research Work

    • Multiple robust control: Research on multiple robust controller design is underway, to achieve high control performance of closed-loop systems in the case when dynamics variations of the plant are large and the required performance cannot be achieved by a single robust controller. This research is supported by NSERC.
    • Machine tool servo control: Modelling and control methods for machine tool drives are being developed. The research aims at improving the positioning accuracy of the workpiece and the disturbance rejection caused by the cutting force in machining process. This research is a part of a strategic project with 18 faculty members in Canada led by Professor Altintas, and supported by NSERC.
    • Automotive engine fuel-injection control: Switching gain-scheduled controller design has been applied to air-fuel ratio control in spark-ignition port-fuel-injection automotive engines. The programmable MotoHawk Engine Control Unit, funded by NSERC RTI, will be used to implement the new controller to an engine placed on an engine dynamometer. Initial work was done in collaboration with Professors George Zhu and Jongeun Choi at Michigan State University.
    • Control of floating offshore wind turbines: Controller design for floating offshore wind turbines is under development, by simultaneously taking into account maximizing the turbines’ efficiency, minimizing structural loading, and minimizing the platform motion due to the wave.
    • Robust chatter stability analysis: Research on robust chatter stability analysis in time-domain has been recently initiated in collaboration with Professor Simon Park at the University of Calgary. The objective is to obtain accurate stability lobe to predict the chatter during the cutting process, by taking into account process parameter variations explicitly.
    • Control of magnetically actuated microlens: In collaboration with Professor Mu Chiao at UBC, a MEMS-based magnetically actuated microlens is being developed. The research objective is, by using feedback control, to develop a novel mechanism to compensate for unintentional hand vibrations in taking photos with mobile phones. This research is supported by NSERC SPG.

Selected Publications

      • A. Alizadegan, P. Zhao, R. Nagamune and M. Chiao, “Application of robust H-infinity control to miniaturized optical image stabilizer prototypes,” ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control. Vol. 142, 124501 (6 pages), 2020.
      • M. Rostam, R. Nagamune and V. Grebenyuk, “A hybrid Gaussian process approach to robust economic model predictive control,” Journal of Process Control, vol. 92, pp. 149-160, 2020.
      • A. Cherom Kheirabadi and R. Nagamune, “Real-time repositioning of floating offshore wind turbine platforms for wind farm efficiency maximization: An assessment of feasibility and steady-state potential,” Ocean Engineering, vol. 208, 107445, 2020.
      • C. Han and R. Nagamune, “Position control of floating offshore wind turbines using aerodynamic force,’’ Renewable Energy, vol. 151, pp. 896-907, 2020.
      • S. Hosseinirad, R. Nagamune and V. Grebenyuk, “An optimal control strategy for a heat pump in an integrated solar thermal system,” Journal of Process Control, vol. 84, pp. 35-45, 2019.
      • A. Cherom Kheirabadi and R. Nagamune, “A quantitative review of wind farm control with the objective of wind farm power maximization,” Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, vol. 192, pp. 45-73, September 2019.
      • A. Alizadegan, P. Zhao, R. Nagamune and M. Chiao, “Robust H-infinity control of miniaturized optical image stabilizers against product variabilities,” IFAC Control Engineering Practice, vol. 80, pp. 70-82, 2018.
      • P. Zhao, and R. Nagamune, “Switching linear-parameter-varying control with improved local performance and optimized switching surfaces,” International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, vol. 28, pp. 3403-3421, 2018.
      • J. Homer and R. Nagamune, “Physics-based 3-D control-oriented modelling of floating wind turbines,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 14-26, 2018.
      • P. Zhao and R. Nagamune, “Switching LPV controller design under uncertain scheduling parameters,” Automatica, vol. 76, pp. 243-250, 2017.

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