Ahmad Mohammadpanah

Ahmad Mohammadpanah

Ahmad Mohammadpanah


P.Eng., PhD (UBC), MASc (UBC), MSc (Sharif U. Tech.)

phone: (604) 827-6617
email: amohammadpanah@mech.ubc.ca
website: Intelligent Manufacturing
office: ICICS 089

Research Interests

  • Dynamics, Vibrations, and Modal Analysis
  • Application of Spherical Parallel Robots
  • Light Weight and Lattice Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Generative Design & Topology Optimization

Teaching Activities

  • MECH 426 – Mechanical Design
  • MECH 463 – Mechanical Vibrations
  • MANU 465 – AI and Machine Learning Applications in Manufacturing
  • MECH 45X – Capstone Design Project
  • MECH 360 – Mechanics of Materials
  • MECH 392 – Manufacturing Processes
  • MECH 305/306 – Data Analysis and Mechanical Engineering Laboratories
  • MANU 265 – Machine Dynamics
  • MECH 223 – Introduction to the Mechanical Design Process

Teaching Interest

  • Dynamics and Vibrations
  • Statics and Mechanics of Materials
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Design
  • Design of Mechanisms


  • Temperature sensor for fast moving surface, US Patent App. 16/414,089, US20190353535A1.


  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah and Hutton S.G., 2018, “Limitation on Increasing the Critical Speed of a Spinning Disk Using Transverse Rigid Constraints, An application of Rayleigh’s Interlacing Eigenvalues Theorem”, ASME, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics.
  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah and Hutton S.G., 2017, “Theoretical and Experimental Verification of Dynamic Behaviour of a Guided Spline Arbor Circular Saw,” Journal of Shock and Vibration, vol. 2017.
  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah, Bruce Lehmann, John White, 2017, “Development of a monitoring system for guided circular saws: an experimental investigation”, Wood Material Science & Engineering.
  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah, and Hutton S.G., 2016, “Vibrations and Dynamics Behaviour of a Guided Spline Spinning Disk, Subjected to Conservative In-Plane Edge Loads, Analytical, and Experimental Investigation”, ASME, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics.
  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah and Stanley G. Hutton, 2015, “Flutter Instability Speeds of Guided Splined Disks: An Experimental and Analytical Investigation,” Shock and Vibration, vol. 2015, 8 pages, 2015.
  • Ahmad Mohammadpanah & Stanley G. Hutton, 2015, “Maximum operation speed of splined saws”, Wood Material Science & Engineering.
  • KhorasanyM.H., Mohammadpanah A., and Hutton S.G., 2012, “Vibration Characteristics of Guided Circular Saws: Experimental and Numerical Analyses”, ASME, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 134(6).

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