Walter Mérida

Walter Mérida

Walter Mérida


PPhys., PEng., Director, Clean Energy Research Centre, B.Sc. (Trent University), M.A.Sc. (Victoria), Ph.D. (Victoria)

phone: (604) 822-4189
fax: (604) 822-2403
office: RH 110

Research Interests

  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Transportation
  • Low carbon fuels
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen

Selected Publications

  • D. Lopez-Behar, M. Tran, T. Froese, J.R. Mayaud, O.E. Herrera, and W. Mérida. “Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Mapping feedbacks and policy recommendations.” Energy Policy 126, 444-451 (2019).
  • D. Lopez-Behar, M. Tran, T. Froese, J.R. Mayaud, O.E. Herrera, and W. Mérida. “Putting electric vehicles on the map: A policy agenda for residential charging infrastructure in Canada.” Energy Research & Social Science 50, 29-37, (2019).
  • H. Karunathilake, K. Hewage, W. Mérida, and R. Sadiq. “Renewable energy selection for net-zero energy communities: Life cycle based decision making under uncertainty.” Renewable energy 130, 558-573, (2019).
  • A. Sharafian, P. Blomerus, and W. Mérida. “Natural Gas as a Ship Fuel: Assessment of Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Reduction Potential.” (2019).
  • A. Sharafian, A.S. Rasoul, O.E. Herrera, and W. Mérida. “Policy implications of liquefied natural gas use in heavy-duty vehicles: Examples in Canada and British Columbia.” Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 69 (2019): 123-140, (2019).
  • C.H. Kung, B. Zahiri, P. Kumar Sow, and W. Mérida. “On-demand oil-water separation via low-voltage wettability switching of core-shell structures on copper substrates.” Applied Surface Science 444 (2018): 15-27, (2018).
  • H. Talebian, O.E. Herrera, M. Tran, and W. Mérida. “Electrification of road freight transport: Policy implications in British Columbia.” Energy policy 115 (2018): 109-118, (2018).
  • S.R. Asaee, A. Sharafian, O.E. Herrera, P. Blomerus, and W. Mérida. “Housing stock in cold-climate countries: Conversion challenges for net zero emission buildings.” Applied energy 217, 88-100, (2018).
  • A. Sharafian, H. Talebian, P. Blomerus, O. Herrera, and W. Mérida. “A review of liquefied natural gas refueling station designs.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 69, 503-513, (2017).
  • B. Zahiri, P.K. Sow, C.H. Kung, and W. Mérida. “Active control over the wettability from superhydrophobic to superhydrophilic by electrochemically altering the oxidation state in a low voltage range.” Advanced Materials Interfaces 4, no. 12 (2017): 1700121, (2017).
  • B. Zahiri, P.K. Sow, C.H. Kung, and W. Mérida. “Understanding the wettability of rough surfaces using simultaneous optical and electrochemical analysis of sessile droplets.” Journal of colloid and interface science 501 (2017): 34-44, (2017).
  • B. Zahiri, P.K. Sow, C.H. Kung, and W. Mérida. “Electrochemical approach to evaluate the wettability of rough surfaces.” ECS Transactions 75, no. 48, 49-57, (2017).
  • L. Burhenne, C. Giacomin, T. Follett, J. Ritchie, J. SJ McCahill, and W. Mérida. “Characterization of reactive CaCO3 crystallization in a fluidized bed reactor as a central process of direct air capture.” Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5, no. 6 (2017): 5968-5977, (2017).
  • S. Prass, S. Hasanpour, P.K. Sow, A.B. Phillion, and W. Mérida. “Microscale X-ray tomographic investigation of the interfacial morphology between the catalyst and micro porous layers in proton exchange membrane fuel cells.” Journal of Power Sources319, 82-89, (2016).
  • B. Zahiri, P.K. Sow, C.H. Kung, and W. Mérida. “Validation of surface wettability theories via electrochemical analysis.” Electrochemistry Communications68, 95-98, (2016).
  • J.L. Monroy-Morales, M. Hernández-Angeles, D. Campos-Gaona, R. Pena-Alzola, M. Ordonez, and W. Mérida. “Modeling and control design of a Vienna rectifier based electrolyzer.” In 2016 IEEE 7th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG), pp. 1-8. IEEE, (2016).
  • D. Todd, S. Bennett, and W. Mérida. “Anisotropic electrical resistance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell transport layers as a function of cyclic strain.” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41, no. 14, 6029-6035, (2016).
  • A. Sharafian, O.E. Herrera, and W. Mérida. “Performance analysis of liquefied natural gas storage tanks in refueling stations.” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 36, 496-509, (2016).
  • O. Herrera, M. Taiebat, F. Sassani, and W. Mérida. “Implications of transportation electrification in metro Vancouver.” In 2016 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), pp. 1-4. IEEE, (2016).
  • D. Todd, and W. Mérida. “Synthesis of transport layers with controlled anisotropy and application thereof to study proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance.” Journal of Power Sources 311, 182-187, (2016).
  • P. Kalisvaart, H. Friske, and W. Mérida. “Water uptake and swelling hysteresis in a Nafion thin film measured with neutron reflectometry.” Langmuir 31(19), 5416-5422 (2015).
  • D. Todd and W. Mérida. “Morphologically controlled fuel cell transport layers enabled via electrospun carbon nonwovens.” Journal of Power Sources 273(1), 312-316 (2015).
  • M. Escalante, A. Alnnagar, and W. Mérida. “The Economic Feasibility of Renewable Energy for Off-Grid Mining Deployment.” The Extractive Industries and Society (in press) (2015).
  • S. Flick, S. Dhanushkodi, and W. Mérida. “Transport Phenomena in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells via Voltage Loss Breakdown.” Journal of Power Sources 280, 97-106 (2015).
  • M. Escalante and W. Mérida. “Regarding the influence of the Van der Hoven Spectrum on Wind Energy Applications in the Meteorological Mesoscale and Microscale.” Renewable Energy, 81, 286-292 (2015).
  • D. Todd, M. Schwager, and W. Mérida, “Thermodynamics of high-temperature, high-pressure water electrolysis,” Journal of Power Sources, 2014.

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