Walter Mérida

Walter Mérida


PPhys., PEng., B.Sc. (Trent University), M.A.Sc. (Victoria), Ph.D. (Victoria)

phone: (604) 822-4189
office: KAIS 5019

Research Interests

    • Sustainable energy systems
    • Transportation
    • Hydrogen
    • Fuel cells

Selected Publications

  1. FDR Macedo, JL Boucher, GMP Ramonde, OE Herrera, W. Mérida. “Greenhouse Gas Emissions in British Columbia: Production versus Consumption Accounting from 2010 to 2015.” Sustainable Production and Consumption (2021).
  2. M.Moreno-Gonzales, A. Berger, T. Borsboom-Hanson, W. Mérida. “Carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals: Economic analysis of renewable syngas pathways via CO2 electrolysis.” Energy Conversion and Management, 244, 114452 (2021.)
  3. T. Holm, T. Borsboom-Hanson, O. Herrera, W. Mérida. “Hydrogen costs from water electrolysis at high temperature and pressure.” Energy Conversion and Management, 237, 114106 (2021.)
  4. H. Talebian, O. Herrera, W. Mérida. “Policy Effectiveness on Emissions and Cost Reduction for Hydrogen Supply Chains: The Case for British Columbia.” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46(1), 998-1011 (2021).
  5. M. Schröder, Z. Abdin, W. Mérida. “Optimization of a grid-connected, photovoltaic microgrid for electric vehicle charging and hydrogen production.” Applied Energy 277, 115562 (2020)
  6. J. Speirs, P. Balcombe, P. Blomerus, M. Stettler, P. Achurra-Gonzalez, M. Woo, D. Ainalis, J. Cooper, A. Sharafian, W. Mérida, D. Crow, S Giarola, N. Shah, N. Brandon, A. Hawkes. “Natural gas fuel and greenhouse gas emissions in trucks and ships.” Progress in Energy 2, 012002 (2020).
  7. J. A. Fernández, O. E. Herrera, W. Mérida. “Impact of an Electrified Parkade on the Built Environment: An Unsupervised Learning Approach.” Transportation Research Part D 78(C), 102199 (2020).
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  10. Abdin, A. Zafaranloo, A. Rafiee, W. Mérida, W. Lipinski, K.R. Khalilpour.A review of hydrogen as an energy vector. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 120, 109620 (2020.)
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  16. H. Kung, P. K. Sow, B. Zahiri, W. Mérida. “Assessment and interpretation of surface wettability based on sessile droplet contact angle measurement: challenges and opportunities.” Advanced Materials Interfaces 6(16), 1900839 (2019.)
  17. Abdin, W. Mérida (2019), “Hybrid energy systems for off-grid power supply and hydrogen production based on renewable energy: A techno-economic analysis”, Energy Conversion and Management, 196, 1068-1079 (2019).
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  22. Lopez-Behar⁠a⁠, M. Tran⁠⁠, J. R. Mayaud⁠, T. Froese⁠, O. Herrera⁠, W. Mérida. Putting electric vehicles on the map: A policy agenda for residential charging infrastructure in Canada. Energy Research & Social Science, 50, 29-37 (2019.)
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  30. A. Escalante, T. Mithrush, A. Bassama, and W. Mérida. “A sensitivity analysis to determine technical and economic feasibility of energy storage systems implementation: a flow battery case study.” Renewable Energy 115, 547-557 (2018.)



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