Mu Chiao

Mu Chiao


B.S. (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); Ph.D. (UC-Berkeley, USA)

phone: (604) 822-4902
Google Scholar:
office: CEME 2067

Research Interests

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

Current Research Work

Fabrication and packaging of micro-electro-mechanical systems for biological applications.

Selected Publications

  • Helisaz, Hamed, Belanger, E., Black, P., Baccaa, M. & Chiao, M. Quantifying the Impact of Cancer on the Viscoelastic Properties of the Prostate Gland using a Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Model. Acta Biomaterialia 173, 184–198 (2024).
  • Jannati, Shayan, Maaref, Y., Tibbits, G. F. & Chiao, M. Investigating Viscoelastic Properties of Myofibrils Isolated from hiPSC-CMs Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Model. ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics 91, 011009-1–8 (Jan. 2024).
  • Sepehri, Anoush, Helisaz, Hamed & Chiao, M. A Fiber Bragg Grating Tactile Sensor for Soft Material Characterization Based on Quasi Linear Viscoelastic Analysis. Sensors and Actuators A Physical 349, 114079 (2023).
  • H Helisaz, M Bacca, M Chiao, “A New Characterization Procedure for Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Materials Using Indentation Test: Validation with Finite Element and Experimental Results”, Experimental Mechanics, 1-16, (2022).
  • Shademani, A., Jackson, J. K., Thompson, C. & Chiao, M. Controlled and Localized Antibiotics Delivery Using Magnetic-Responsive Beads for Synergistic Treatment of Orthopedic Infection. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A, in press (2022).
  • Jackson, J. K., A., M., Chiao, M. & Plackett, D. The Use of Surface-Modified Nanocrystalline Cellulose Integrated Membranes to Remove Drugs from Waste Water and as Polymers to Clean Oil Sands Tailings Ponds. Polymers 13, 3899 (2021).
  • Gunawardane, P.D.S.H. et al. A Fusion Algorithm for Saccade Eye Movement Enhancement with EOG and Lumped-element Models. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 68, 3048–3058 (2021).
  • Yi, Y., Chiao, M. & Wang, B. An electrochemically actuated drug delivery device with in-situ dosage sensing. Smart Materials and Structures 30, 055003 (2021).
  • Helisaz, H., Bacca, M. & Chiao, M. Quasi-linear viscoelastic characterization of tissue-mimicking materials. ASME Journal of the Biomechanics 143, 061007–14 (2021).
  • Khademolhosseini, F. & Chiao, M. Experimental characterization of the base tilting effect and determination of the tilting coefficient of PDMS micropillar structures. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 31, 035002 (Jan. 2021).
  • Zhao, C., Chiao, M. & Yang, W. Antibacterial hydrogel coating: strategies in surface chemistry. Ad- vances in Colloid and Interface Science 285, 102280 (Nov. 2020).
  • R. Fan et al. Development of a hybrid piezoelectric and pneumatic miniature optical scanner for endoscopic applications. Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical 315, 112311 (Nov. 2020).
  • Alizadegan, A., Zhao, P., Nagamune, R. & Chiao, M. Experimental Validation of a Robust H∞ Control Method On Miniaturized Optical Image Stabilizer Prototypes. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measure- ment, and Control 142, 124501–2 (Dec. 2020).
  • Shademani, A. & Chiao, M. Analytical and experimental study of magnetomechanical properties of magnetic porous PDMS sponge under non-uniform magnetic fields. ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics 87, 1–10 (Aug. 2020).
  • Chu, Axel J., Zhao, Eric Jiahua, Chiao, M. & Lim, C. J. Co-culture of induced pluripotent stem cells with cardiomyocytes is sufficient to promote their differentiation into cardiomyocytes. PLOS ONE 15, 1–15. (Apr. 2020).

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