Mattia Bacca

Mattia Bacca

Mattia Bacca

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Trento, Italy), Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of California, Santa Barbara).

phone:  (604) 827-5076
office:  ICICS 165

Research Interests

  • Micromechanics of Soft Solid Matter

Current Research Work

Mechanics of:

  • Biomembranes and Enveloped Viruses
  • Cells (Mechanobiology) and Soft Materials
  • Puncture, Cutting, Fracture
  • Adhesion

Selected Publications


  • Kong, A., Bacca, M. (2022). A self-adhesion criterion for slanted micropillars. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 52, 101663.
  • Bacca, M. (2022). Mechanics of diffusion-mediated budding and implications for virus replication and infection. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 19, 20220525
  • Fregonese, S., Bacca, M. (2022). How friction and adhesion affect the mechanics of deep penetration in soft solids. Soft Matter, 18 (36), 6882-6887
  • Agostinelli, D., Elfring, GJ., Bacca, M. (2022). The morphological role of ligand inhibitors in blocking receptor-and clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Soft Matter, 18 (18), 3531-3545.
  • Sameoto, D., Khungura, H., Benvidi, FH, Asad, A., Liang, T., Bacca, M. (2022). Space applications for gecko-inspired adhesives. Biomimicry for Aerospace, 423-458.
  • Khungura, H., & Bacca, M. (2021). The role of interfacial curvature in controlling the detachment strength of bioinspired fibrillar adhesives. Mechanics of Materials, 160, 103914.
  • Fregonese, S., & Bacca, M. (2021). Piercing soft solids: A mechanical theory for needle insertion. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 154, 104497.
  • H. Khungura, M. Bacca (2020). Optimal load sharing in bioinspired fibrillar adhesives: Asymptotic solution, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 88 (3), 031004.
  • M. Bacca, O.A. Saleh, and R.M. McMeeking (2019). Contraction of polymer gels created by the activity of molecular motors, Soft Matter, 15, 4467 – 44751.
  • K. Chen, A. Vigliotti, M. Bacca, R.M. McMeeking, V.S. Deshpande, J.W. Holmes (2018). Role of boundary conditions in determining cell alignment in response to stretch, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 986-991.
  • M. Bacca, C. Creton, R.M. McMeeking (2017). A model for the Mullins effect in multi-network elastomers, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 84, 121009.
  • M. Bacca, R.M. McMeeking (2017). A viscoelastic constitutive law for hydrogels,” Meccanica, 55, 3345–3355.
  • M. Bacca, N.A. Fleck, R.M. McMeeking (2017). A swell toughening strategy for elastomers having surface cracks, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 10, 32–40.
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