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Are the Administrative and Student Services Offices open?

Please note that the Department offices are open, however electronic correspondence is still preferred.

The Mech Student Services Office (CEME 2205) is open and we welcome students to drop-by our office for any quick questions or advice, however, we will continue to be conducting any longer academic advising and course planning appointments virtually via Zoom or phone. As a reminder, all course registration requests continue to be processed via email ( You can make an advising appointment with one of our advisors via the APSC PD Portal.

What do I do if I am sick?

Students, faculty and staff should remain home when ill. Use the Thrive Health self-assessment tool for guidance and follow the advice from Public Health.

As a faculty member, staff member or student employee (research assistants, TAs, work learns, etc.), do I need to do anything before coming back to campus?

ALL employees must complete the GO FORWARD course before returning to campus: and send the certificate to Please note that this is different than the old COVID course, and must be completed as well.

  • Supervisors are responsible for scheduling.  Capacity limits no longer apply unless in place pre-COVID
  • There are no more QR codes for CEME and Rusty Hut

Do I need to wear a mask or social distance?

Masks are not currently mandated for indoor public areas at UBC Vancouver, but wearing a mask is highly recommended as a way to protect yourself and others in lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, classrooms and labs.  Check for up-to-date university policies.

Can I hold a meeting?

Yes, meetings are permitted. If faculty or staff are interested in booking a meeting, please enquire with We now have teleconference systems available to allow for remote attendance. Please consider the comfort of all participants when you choose how to schedule a meeting.

Are the prior COVID plans still applicable?

The previous COVID plans have been lifted: bathrooms are fully open, there is no occupancy limit on elevators, etc. A central HVAC group has assessed all ventilation and all spaces are now open as long as you have building access through your UBC card. Doors to CEME will continue to be locked to the general public until the beginning of the fall term. If you wish to gain access through your UBC card before then, please email

Please be kind, courteous, and understanding of people who have differing comfort levels.  Thank you for your patience and consideration. Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to