Orthopaedic and Injury Biomechanics Group (OIBG)

Orthopaedic and Injury Biomechanics Group

The UBC Orthopaedic and Injury Biomechanics Group (OIBG) is dedicated to reducing the impact of human injury and orthopaedic problems. Primarily concerned with the biomechanics of orthopaedic implants, spine, brain and hip injury prevention, neurotrauma to the spinal cord and brain, and other clinical musculoskeletal subjects, the OIBG is co-directed by Dr. Tom Oxland and Dr. Peter Cripton from the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Dr. Oxland is cross-appointed to the Department of Orthopaedics) and supported by numerous research engineers, graduate students and collaborators from the UBC Faculty of Medicine and Vancouver Coastal Health.

The OIBG is part of the International Collaboration for Repair Discoveries (ICORD) which is located in the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre and of the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, both on the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) campus. Its cutting-edge facilities include equipment such as optoelectronic tracking systems, high-speed cameras, high-speed x-ray systems, a pneumatic linear impactor, and a custom drop tower.


Interview with OIBG Co-director Dr. Peter Cripton

Hip Fracture Demonstration

Helmet Test Demonstration

Photo Gallery

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