Stoeber Lab

Stoeber Lab

The Stoeber Lab researches microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The majority of their work is in the areas microfluidics and sensing technology. The lab is based in the Fred Kaiser building.

They research flow physics of complex microflows, and develop microflow control strategies as well as microflow characterization methods. The lab also develops new sensing concepts for environmental sensing and for biomedical applications. Another area they investigate is microoptical devices, and the development of functional material and fabrication processes for sensors and actuators.

Current and past members of the Stoeber lab recently founded Microdermics, a start up company that launched with the support of several UBC entrepreneurship programs. Learn more about this UBC spin off company in the video below.


A demonstration of the microneedle technology investigated in the UBC Stoeber Lab.

This video explains the beginnings of Microdermics, a UBC start up company co-founded by Dr. Boris Stoeber.


For more information, visit the Stoeber Lab website.

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