Collaboration wins International Recycling Conference Best Paper Award

Congratulations to James Olson, Sean Delfel, Carl Ollivier-Gooch and their collaborators for winning the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) 2008 Wayne Carr Memorial Award for Best Paper, for their paper “High performance Foil Rotor Improves De-Ink Pulp Screening”, that was presented at the International Recycling Conference, Niagara, 9-pages, Sept. 2007.

The award is presented by the recycling committee of TAPPI for the best paper given in the past year in the area of fibre recycling. The paper deals with a mill trial of new pulp screening technology, a Multi-Element Foil rotor, that demonstrated a 50% energy reduction over state-of-the-art technology and an increase is debris removal efficiency. The trial was conducted at Catalyst Paper Recycling Division in Coquitlam and the new technology is patented by UBC and licensed to AFT.