MECH 410E Global Engineering Leadership Distinguished Lecture Series

ERRATA: Please note the changes in the schedule:
May 29: Linc Kesler, Ph.D.
May 31: Leila Harris, Ph.D.

MECH 410E: Global Engineering Leadership Distinguished Lecture Series at UBC

Global Engineering Leadership is designed to introduce senior engineering students to concepts, theory and practice of engineering leadership in an international service learning context.  The course will develop engineering leadership characteristics, understanding and respect for individual and cultural differences in team building, service and management contexts, managing change, conflicts, and crises; and understanding real-world ethics and core values.

Come and hear the distinguished speakers discuss issues surrounding engineering, appropriate technology, knowledge, communication and understanding, and leadership in various contexts, on the following dates:

Note: For more details on each of the speakers or topics in the Speaker Series, Click Here­­

May 15, 2012: The Context for Global Engineering Leadership: Concepts and Applications
Speaker: Dave Waldron (Principal, Synapse Strategies)

May 17, 2012: Leading From Behind: Service as a Leadership Practice
Panel: Sheldon Green, Chandran Thiruchittampalam and Peter Ladner

May 22, 2012: The Four Worlds of Engineering
Speaker: Ralph Sultan, Ph.D., P.Eng. (MLA, West Vancouver – Capilano)

May 29, 2012: Social and Political Dimensions of Water Use and Access
Speaker: Leila Harris, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, UBC: Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice; Associate Director, Program on Water Governance)

May 31, 2012: Contexts of Work: Rethinking Priorities and Timelines in Working with First Nations
Speaker: Linc Kesler, Ph.D. (Chair, First Nations Studies Program; Director, First Nations House of Learning; Senior Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs)

June 12, 2012: Questions about Values
Speaker: Catherine Roome, P.Eng. (President & CEO, BC Safety Authority)

All talks will take place at 3:00 pm

Hugh Dempster Pavilion, UBC
Room 110
6245 Agronomy Road
V6T 1Z4

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