Dr. Peter Cripton teaches kids about helmets and brain health

Dr. Peter Cripton and Biomedical Engineering student (and MECH alumnus) Cameron Stuart shared important information on helmets and brain health with kids in the inaugural Brain Booster Summer Camp earlier this month. The Brain Booster camp is one of many programs offered by the West Coast Centre for Learning, a multi-disciplinary education facility that brings together education professionals (like Dr. Cripton) and brain training coaches from the scientific and academic community to provide “customiz[ed,] successful learning approaches for children, youth, adults and older adults with learning difficulties and memory challenges affecting personal choice and equal access to quality educational opportunities.”*

Dr. Cripton and Cameron are pictured below with the kids at the camp, who are all sporting some very safe and stylish helmets!

For more information on the camp and the Centre, visit westcoastcentreforlearning.com

Information on Dr. Cripton’s lab and his research can be found at injury.mech.ubc.ca.