MECH Alumni Bring Sustainable Carsharing Alternatives to UBC

Veemos are coming to UBC! An enclosed, electric-assisted, human-powered bicycle that aims to replace automobiles on campus, Veemos are an innovative way to travel sustainably. VeloMetro is launching a Veemo pilot fleet on the UBC campus in fall of 2017.

Mechanical Engineering is proud to recognize two of VeloMetro’s founders as graduates.

Kody Baker, CEO and co-founder, completed his BASc in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. Kody is an experienced technology manager and entrepreneur with a strong vision for technology trends. With a broad range of deep experience in engineering, project management, and manufacturing within several cleantech and high-tech companies, he has brought products to market such as electric vehicles, biomass energy systems, and process control systems. Kody is also a certified professional engineer.

Jonathan Faille, CTO and co-founder received his MENG in Mechanical Engineering in 2012. His degree centered on mechatronics; the marriage of mechanical and electrical engineering. He also holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill University.

To learn more about Veemo, VeloMetro and the team behind this unique innovation, visit their website. Interested in Kody’s work? Read more about his career path and his experience at UBC here: Kody Baker Alumni Profile

Story adapted from: APSC News