New Research Monograph Edited by Srikantha Phani Published

The MECH Department wishes to congratulate Associate Professor Dr. Srikantha Phani on the publication of a research monograph he co-edited.

Dynamics of Lattice Materials covers lattice materials and their dynamic responses, and serves a reference for practitioners and researchers with a background in the mechanics of materials, vibrations, and material physics.

From the book’s publisher:

Key features [of this book]:

  • Comprehensive treatment of dynamics of lattice materials and periodic materials in general, including phononic crystals and elastic metamaterials
  • Provides an in-depth introduction to elastostatics and elastodynamics of lattice materials
  • Covers advanced topics such as damping, nonlinearity, instability, impact and nanoscale systems
  • Introduces contemporary concepts including pentamodes, local resonances and inertial amplification
  • Includes chapters on fast computation and design optimization tools
  • Topics are introduced using simple systems and generalized to more complex structures with a focus on dispersion characteristics”

More information about the publication can be found on the publisher’s website.