Dr. Peter Cripton elected to International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury

Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Peter Cripton has been elected to the IRCOBI Council, the governing body of the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury. Comprised of researchers from all over the world, the IRCOBI fosters research on impact biomechanics and injury mechanisms, hosting two major conferences a year, and improving the global body of knowledge that informs safety standards relating to road transport. Created in 1969 in response to the growing body of international research on road safety, the IRCOBI seeks to bring cutting-edge information on injury biomechanics to a global platform.

IRCOBI Council members are leaders in their fields and election to this preeminent position is a recognition of Dr. Cripton’s expertise. As well as being a professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he is an Associate Director of the university’s School of Biomedical Engineering, and a primary investigator with the International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD). As a longstanding attendee and presenter at IRCOBI conferences, Dr. Cripton expresses his desire to contribute to the organization:

My students and I have benefited greatly from our interactions at the IRCOBI meeting and through our interactions with the IRCOBI council. Since my group has benefited so much from our participation in the organization, it felt natural to want to give back to the injury biomechanics community by offering to join the council. I am humbled and honoured by my election to the Council as I consider it to be the top research organization in the field of injury biomechanics.

 The IRCOBI Mission is to educate and provide an academic forum for the dissemination of best practices and research on injury causation and protective systems. I am hopeful that, through my work in the council, I can contribute to this very worthwhile mission by supporting and promoting high-quality injury biomechanics and injury prevention research, both at the IRCOBI conference and in many other venues. Through this work I hope to help increase the reach and impact of this important field internationally.

Dr. Cripton will serve a five-year term on the IRCOBI Council. He is currently the only Canadian researcher on the 20-person council.