Call for Applications: NASA International Internship – Deadline: Oct 13, 2021

NASA International Internship

The NASA International Internship is a NASA initiative that seeks to better prepare students (U.S. and international) for future missions that require innovative thinking and cooperation with international collaborators. Interns take part in seminars on a wide variety of topics from both internal and external experts, informal discussions, supervised research, group projects, cultural lunches/ dinners, poster presentations, tours of NASA facilities, and other self-organized social events in the area.

Internships are offered by NASA in three sessions during the calendar year: spring (16 weeks), summer (10 weeks) and fall (16 weeks). Current NASA participating research centres are the Ames Research Center and the Goddard Space Flight Center.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will nominate highly qualified Canadian university students who may subsequently be selected by NASA to participate in internship projects along with U.S. students and students from abroad.

  • Duration of internship: 10 to 16 weeks
  • Internship options: Summer 2022 session (10 weeks) / Fall 2022 session (16 weeks) / Spring 2023 session (16 weeks)
  • Value: $2,000 to $3,000/selected applicant and a possibility of $6,000 to $8,000 from other sources
  • Eligibility Requirements:
  • Application Deadline: October 13, 2021, at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT).

For further information, such as detailed application procedures, visit the CSA webpage:

Questions should be directed to the Canadian Space Agency at: