Manufacturing Automation Laboratory

The Manufacturing Automation Laboratory (MAL) conducts research in the mechanics and dynamics of metal cutting operations, spindle design and analysis, micro-machining, virtual simulation of machining operations and CNC machine tools; design and digital control of high speed feed drives; precision machining, sensor assisted intelligent machining; and chatter stability of cutting processes.
The Manufacturing Automation Laboratory has produced many products marketed by Manufacturing Automation Laboratories Ltd. These include:

  • Advanced Milling Process Analysis and Simulation Software
  • Modal Testing Software
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Modal Analysis Module
  • Boring/Turning Module
  • Plunge Milling Module
  • Virtual CNC Module
  • Advanced Linear and Nonlinear Spindle Design and Analysis Module

In addition, MAL has a Virtual High Performance Machining System (VMS) that corrects process parameters. It optimizes spindle speed and the depth and width of cut by considering the machine tool spindle, feed drive, and cutting tool limits. After generating an NC program, the VMS automatically optimizes the feeds and spindle speeds by considering vibrations, tool deflections, torque, power, chip load, bearing loads, and tool failure.

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