Information Session: Research Opportunities in Japan – January 25, 2022

Information Session on Research Opportunities in Japan offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is the largest research-funding agency in Japan, under the auspices of the Japanese Ministry of Education. JSPS offers hundreds of funding opportunities that are available to all fields (social-science, humanities, […]

Call for Applications: Health System Impact Fellowship – Deadline: Feb 24, 2022

The Health System Impact (HSI) Fellowship (for doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows) provides highly-qualified doctoral trainees (doctoral students) and post-doctoral fellows studying health services and policy research (HSPR), or related fields, a unique opportunity to apply their research and analytic talents to critical challenges in health care that are being addressed by health system and […]

Call for Applications: TELUS Graduate Fellowship on Telecommunications Policy – Deadline: Jan 31, 2022

Applications are open for the Telus Graduate Fellowship on Telecommunications Policy. The objective of the Fellowship is to support excellence in public policy research and develop leadership and expertise within Canada on issues of telecommunications policy. The Fellowship will support graduate students who wish to undertake independent, innovative research on issues related to telecommunications policy. […]

Call for Applications: BC NEIHR Indigenous Graduate and Postdoctoral Funding – Deadline: Feb 1, 2022

British Columbia Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research (BC NEIHR) To develop research skills and assist with student burdens related to financial, family, community and cultural responsibilities, the BC NEIHR supports Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) graduate students and postdoctoral fellows by annual competitions for Master’s and Doctoral scholarships and biennial (every two years) […]

Call for Applications: Aboriginal Graduate Fellowships – Deadline: Jan 21, 2022

The University of British Columbia offers multi-year fellowships to Master’s and Doctoral Indigenous students. Award winners are selected on the basis of academic merit through an annual competition, administered by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Approximately a dozen new fellowships are offered each year. Each fellowship provides a stipend of $18,200 per year […]

Call for Applications: Friedman Award for Scholars in Health – Deadline: Mar 11, 2022

Friedman Award for Scholars in Health The Friedman Award for Scholars in Health is open to any UBC graduate student or medical resident studying in the area of health. ‘Health’ is interpreted very broadly, and includes health promotion and disease prevention, mental health research, laboratory sciences related to medicine or health, public health, health services […]

Call for Applications: Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship – Deadline: Jan 7, 2022

Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship The Department of Mechanical Engineering wishes to promote teaching excellence by annually awarding the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Fellowship to Senior PhD students who have demonstrated dedication to, and talent for, teaching. The Fellowship will provide a stipend of $10,000 and an opportunity to teach one module from APSC 366 the following […]

Call for Applications: Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship – Deadline: Dec 21, 2021

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program offers a three-year leadership program designed to train Engaged Leaders, equipping doctoral candidates with the skills to translate their ideas into action, for the betterment of their communities, Canada, and the world.  At least 12 doctoral Scholars are selected each year and receive generous funding for […]

Call for Applications: Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships – Deadline: Feb 1, 2022

Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships The Mackenzie King Open Scholarship is open to graduates of any Canadian university who engage in (commence or continue) graduate study (master’s or doctoral) in any field, in Canada or elsewhere. One Open Scholarship is awarded annually. The value has lately been $8,500 but is subject to change. The Mackenzie King Travelling Scholarship is open to […]

Call for Applications/Nominations: IBM PhD Fellowship Award – Deadline: Nov 5, 2021

Please see the following call for applications. Note that this award is externally administered; faculty members nominate their students directly to IBM (departments do not nominate applicants). IBM PhD Fellowship Award Since 1951, the IBM PhD Fellowship Program has collaborated with faculty, students and universities by recognizing and supporting exceptional PhD students that address focused […]