Congratulations to our Student Leaders!

UBC Mechanical Engineering held their annual Student Leadership Awards lunch on March 26th. These outstanding graduate and undergraduate students have contributed exceptionally to our Department over the past year. Congratulations!

Graduate Students:
Shalaleh Rismani (MEGA VP Communications)
Ramin Khoie (MEGA VP Finance)
Banda Logawa (ASME Secretary)
Greg Bossons (Human Submarine Chair)
Maziyar Jalaal (MEGA President)
Chandan Sejekan (MEGA VP Social)
Min Xia (VP of the Graduate Student Society)

Undergraduate Students:
Jay Leong (Captain of the UBC Formula Team)
Jasmit Kalra (Captain of UBC AeroDesign)
Eli Nemtin (Captain of UBC Baja and Faculty Safety Officer)
Andrew Niu (Vice-Chair of ASME and Club Mech 3rd Year Representative and EWEEK Representative)
Manmohan Daid (ASHRAE President)
Scott Churchley (Thunderbots Technical Lead)
Katelyn Currie (Supermileage Captain)
Neil Dobie (Sailbots Mechanical Co-Captain)
Ruvie Eto (Club Mech President)
Yotam Fogelman (HPV Co-Captain (Technical))
John Henderson (ECC Chair)
Kohle Merry (Club Mech Vice President)
Andrea Palmer (EWB Global Engineering Co-Lead)
Aiden Sotres (SNAME Chair)
Emre Tezcan (Club Mech Rep and ASME Chair)
David Tiessen (Sailbots Mechanical Co-Captain)