Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

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Program completion requirement:

  • MASc - 30 credits
  • PhD - 33 credits

All research students are required to register in their relevant Thesis course all year around (for both winter/summer terms). Seminar courses are only mandatory for students who belong to the biomedical, applied mechanics and design, and mechatronics and manufacturing research groups in each winter term (no seminars are held over summer). Seminar policies may vary from group to group.

Seminar and thesis courses

Seminar Credits Thesis Credits
MASc MECH 598 2 MECH 599B 12
PhD MECH 698 3 MECH 699 0

Students normally register in the full session section of the course (Term 1-2). The Term 1 only or Term 2 only section may be used by new students arriving at other than usual registration periods, or by students nearing completion of their studies.

Program completion requirements

  • 30 Credits of coursework - this can include MECH 551 and/or 552

Program guidelines

  • Full-time MEng students can expect to complete the program in 12 months if they take 8 courses between the two winter terms, and 6 credit project in the summer term. At a minimum, they must take 3 courses a term, and complete the degree within 16 months.
  • The design project can be solicited from industry or the research laboratories at UBC, with the approval of the MEng program supervisor. MECH 551 projects must involve the application of electronics, instrumentation, real-time software engineering, sensors, actuators, and controls in designing a computer controlled/monitored system.
  • Part-time MEng students are expected to take 12 credits per 12 months.
  • Students must complete 24 credits before being eligible to enrol in a co-op term.
  • Part-time MEng student, students who transfer from a MASc/PhD program, and students who start their program in January cannot participate in co-op.

Course list

Students may select any of the courses below under the following conditions:

  • A similar course must not have been taken before at UBC or elsewhere.
  • A maximum of 6 credits worth of 300- or 400-level courses may be taken.
  • A maximum of three courses from Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering/Computer Science may be taken.


**Please note that the following courses may or may not be offered every year.

  • MECH 366 Modelling of Mechatronic Systems
  • MECH 386 Industrial Fluid Mechanics
  • MECH 420 Sensors and Actuators
  • MECH 421 Mechatronics System Instrumentation
  • MECH 423 Biomechatronics
  • MECH 462 Finite Element Analysis
  • MECH 463 Mechanical Vibrations
  • MECH 464 Industrial Robotics
  • MECH 468 Modern Control Engineering
  • MECH 506 Linear Vibrations
  • MECH 520 Control Sensors and Actuators
  • MECH 522 Foundations in Control Engineering
  • MECH 529 Modelling of Dynamic Systems
  • MECH 551 Electro-Mechanical System Design Project I [After one term is completed, subject to the approval of coordinator]
  • MECH 552 Electro-Mechanical System Design Project II [After one term is completed, subject to the approval of coordinator]
  • MECH 555 Fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems
  • MECH 563 Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics and Control
  • MECH 589 Computer Control of Multi-Axis Machines
  • MECH 592 Machine Tool Structures and Vibrations
  • MECH 596 CAD/CAM Principles and Practice
  • CPEN 441 Human Computer Interfaces in Engineering Design
  • CPEN 412 Microcomputer Systems Design
  • EECE 543 Software Project Management
  • EECE 549 Dynamic Modelling of Electric Machines and Controls
  • EECE 544 Medical Imaging
  • EECE 511B Topics in Software Engineering - SFTWR TSTNG & MNTC
  • EECE 543 Software Project Management
  • CPSC 424 Geometric Modelling
  • CPSC 425 Computer Vision
  • CPSC 524 Computer Graphics: Modelling
  • CPSC 544 Human Computer Interaction

Only ONE of the following courses may be taken:

  • APSC 512 Intellectual Property Management and Technology Commercialization
  • APSC 540 Business Decisions for Engineering Ventures
  • APSC 541 Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Other courses require the approval of the program coordinator in the beginning of the term.

Please visit the NAME website for the list of program requirements.

Please visit the MEL website for detailed lists of the program requirements for the MEL Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering and MEL Clean Energy Engineering programs.