Bullitt Prize – Apply by June 1, 2024

Formerly the Bullitt Environmental Fellowship, the Bullitt Prize aims to identify and support environmentally focused academics, professionals, and/or grassroots leaders in the Pacific Northwest. As of 2024, the Bullitt Prize is awarded through Washington Conservation Action.

The Prize is awarded annually based on the following eligibility: an individual or collaborative group, from an underrepresented group, from Washington State or the Pacific Northwest region if their work impacts Washington, are 35 years or younger, and have demonstrated academic, professional, or grassroots leadership that advances the environmental movement.  Applicants must be studying and demonstrate a commitment to subjects that are closely aligned with the Prize’s mission to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest and its vision of a future that safeguards the vitality of natural ecosystems while accommodating a sustainable human population in healthy, vibrant, equitable, and prosperous communities. The Fellowship is valued at $100,000 split over two years ($50,000 in year one, and the remaining $50,000 in the second year).

For more information, including application procedures and complete eligibility criteria, please visit https://wcactionef.org/bullitt-prize


  • Deadline: June 1, 2024
  • Annual Value: $50,000
  • Citizenship: Canadian, Permanent Resident, International
  • Degree Level: Masters, Doctoral

Further Information

The Washington Conservation Action website has further information, including complete eligibility requirements and application procedures.