APSC Rising Star Suraj Kashyap: The serendipitous world of fluid flows

“Progress is equal parts hard work and epiphany.”

Suraj Kashyap

Degree: Master of Applied Science
Grad year: 2021
Program: Mechanical Engineering
Campus: Vancouver

I am a graduate researcher at the Computational Multiphysics Laboratory at UBC. My work revolves around using computational methods to study complex flows in the oceans.  When I am not busy solving fluid dynamics problems, you are most likely to find me outdoors with my trusty old camera.

Why did you choose to go into your field of study at UBC?

My program provided me with a unique amalgamation of my interests – physics, computer science and the opportunity to apply it to a practical problem that impacts the natural environment. Besides, it is hard to say no to studying in a beautiful place like BC.

How are you applying the skills you learned through your studies at UBC?

My interest has always been in contributing to the natural environment around us. The courses and research I undertook at UBC helped me in honing my skills towards this. My research was targeted at making the oceans a more comfortable place for marine mammals. UBC also provides an extremely well laid-out infrastructure for taking your interests to higher levels. My experience with e@UBC is helping me align my research interests with practical applications. Currently, I am working towards launching my own venture that I hope will one day help make the marine environment quieter and more liveable.

What advice would you give a student entering your degree program?

Network and converse! The university provides a unique environment where you can meet smart people working to push the boundaries in extremely diverse fields. So talk to as many people as you can, from your own discipline and beyond. Try to join a club that aligns with your interests. There is always something new to learn – you will discover inspiration from completely unexpected sources.

How do you feel your degree has benefitted you compared to a different field of study?

The MASc program gave me a good exposure to research in the Applied Sciences. It was a perfect combination of learning and application. I really enjoyed the flexibility to take courses from different disciplines which as a whole helped me define my research and career interests.

What has made your time at UBC memorable?

Definitely the people. I got the chance to meet and work with people from very diverse backgrounds – engineering, arts, business studies – and also made some lifelong friends.

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