Martha Salcudean

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Martha Salcudean

Professor Emerita, OBC, OC

B.Eng., Ph.D. (Romania), Honorary Doctorate (Ottawa), Honorary Doctorate (UBC), P. Eng., Weyerhaeuser Industrial Research Chair Emerita in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fellow CSME, Fellow FCAE, Fellow FRSC, Member ASME, Order of BC, Order of Canada

(604) 822-2732
fx: (604) 822-2005

Research Interests

  • Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Mathematical Modelling of Transport Phenomena

Current Research Work

Martha Salcudean’s research group is working on the mathematical modeling of multi-phase flows. The current emphasis in on simulation of flow and associated mass and heat transfer in fluidized beds, used extensively in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Gas-solid –liquid flows, which occuroften in fluidized beds are modeled by solving the governing differential equations with numerical methods, using Eulerian-Eulerian, and Discrete Particle Methods. Nozzle performance is investigated and optimized by simulating the gas-liquid flow, in the gas assisted atomization nozzle and its interaction with the fluidized bed. Agglomerate formation often occurs in fluidized beds with liquid injection. That can be desirable in some processes, as for instance in pharmaceutical processes ,or highly undesirable, as for instance in the bitumen coking reactor. The research team is working on improving the understanding of the agglomerate formation, by modeling their growth and breakage in the presence of capillary and viscous forces, using population balance and Discrete Particle Methods.

Selected Publications

  • Pougatch K., Salcudean M., Gartshore, I., Pagoria, P., “Computational modeling of large aerated lagoon hydraulics,” Water Research 2007, vol. 41, pp 2109-16.
  • Pougatch K., Salcudean M., Gartshore, I., “A numerical model of the reacting multiphase flow in a pulp digester,” Applied Mathematical Modelling 2006, vol 30, pp 209-30.
  • Pougatch, K., Salcudean, M., Gartshore, I., “A computational study of the fluid fow through a hydraulic headbox,” TAPPI Journal, vol. 4(10), October 2005. (Best Paper Award)
  • Dong, S., Feng, X., Salcudean, M., Gartshore, I., “Concentration of Pulp Fibers in 3D Turbulent Channel Flow”, Journal of Multiphase Flow, October 2002, vol. 29/1, pp. 1-21.